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About Project Fellowship and it’s Founder

By Andrew Burgon /
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February 19, 2014


Project Fellowship Equals Fun, Food, Fashion and Fellowship.

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About Project Fellowship founder Andrew Burgon

About the Founder of Project Fellowship, Andrew Burgon.

For the last two decades I have been living in Taiwan and teaching English. I live here with my wife and son in San Chong city.

Taiwan has been good to me over the years. Rock solid job security, a home, a family and the opportunity to travel cheaply to one of my favorite destinations in the world, South-East Asia.

I originally hail from Brisbane, Australia. I completed my studies in administration, travel, tourism, hospitality as well as theological and ministerial studies before making my move to Asia.

I’m currently enjoying a hiatus from teaching and have set time aside to pursue the digital laptop lifestyle which mostly entails on working on Project Fellowship. When I’m not doing that I enjoy my hobbies of gardening, fish-keeping and adding to my Asian coin collection.


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