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By Andrew Burgon /
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October 28, 2013


I reserve all rights to my own work with the exception of those things I have clearly licensed under creative commons licenses eg. friendship image quotes. However, I encourage people to *link* to my articles or the images on my site from their social media accounts. This includes sites like tumblr and pinterest which grab an image and make it appear on their site. You may, however, not *upload* my content to your site.

Not all images are owned by me. You’ll notice I’ve gone to a lot of trouble to credit images and will be even more stringent in the future. I will sometime this year also carefully credit myself for my own images which I took myself as I neglected to do so for many. One of the reasons is there are some people (like myself) who are paranoid about sharing other people’s content especially images.

I use to think that ‘linking’ to and ‘uploading’ other peoples content was different. However, if that person’s photo appears on your tumblr blog after linking to it are they really that different? I hear that falling back on ‘fair use’ can in some cases be problematic. If I have everything credited people can judge for themselves whether they can link to it or not and be more comfortable in doing so.

Without going into it any further let me simply say that it’s great when people who like my content link to it and direct others to my site. Cool!


Please note that while I talk about the subject of depression I am not a professional in that field. I am simply someone who has experienced it and found my way out of it. In hindsight, I wish I had of gone to see a psychiatrist or psychologist for at least a few sessions. Seek professional help if you can’t get rid of depression especially if it’s gradually getting worse.

I may at times touch on legal issues but only do so to highlight a problem and present some helpful ideas. Naturally, when in need of legal advice see an attorney.

Concerning my advice on how to make friends results will vary. There are many obstacles on the path to coming up with the group of friends you desire so just trying out one or two things I suggest may, of course, not be enough. The information on this site does not constitute as professional advice for such you should see a licensed professional.


Since December 1, 2009, the FTC started requiring bloggers to provide disclosures whenever there could be hidden interests or unspoken biases related to recommendations. While there are none that I”m aware of I will keep it in mind and be sure to disclose such things should they occur.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a commercial blog and links to affiliate products will result in me getting a commission if anything is bought. The same may apply to any other sites I link to. I currently do not receive anything free or get paid to write reviews at this present time.

Please note that I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC associates program, an affiliate advertising program that allows me to earn commissions on any sales of products on the site made via my website. All information provided on these links is provided by By clicking on these product links you are requesting to be taken to the site.

Links that display content from Amazon Services LLC are provided ‘as is’ and are subject to change or removal at any time. The Amazon logo and The Endless Logo are trademarks of inc. or it’s affiliates.

Many of the images on this site are from of whom I am also an affiliate. By clicking on the supplied links that are either embedded in the photo or under it you are requesting to be taken to I will receive a commission for any pictures you purchase on that site.

Google Adsense & iTune Advertisements

This site also has Google Adsense and iTune advertisements which will take you to a third party site when clicked on.

Project Fellowship is not responsible for third party activities or for any information that they display that is incorrect. If you have trouble with your purchases at a site I’m affiliate with please take up the matter with them first. If you feel this site should no longer link to that particular product please let me know.

Concerning guns that are sold on Amazon please refer to the important information notice they have on the same page of the product.

Some of the products displayed on this site like airsoft guns, paintball guns and bows and arrows are potentially deadly weapons. Please exercise extreme care and supervise the use of these items where necessary. Project Fellowship takes is not responsible for any mishap or injury caused by potentially dangerous products.

Terms of Service

All the articles, graphics and anything that I have personally created is under copyright, all rights reserved.

I am not to be held responsible for other people’s comments on the site. Currently all posts have to be okayed by me before posted. Any rude and offensive remarks and personal attacks especially against other people commenting on the site will find their way into the trash bin where they belong.

While I am in control of the content of this site I am not to be held liable for the actions of third party sites that are linked to my site. When visiting them be sure to read their terms of service and privacy policy. Neither will I be held accountable for how other people use my content legally, with permission or stolen from Project Fellowship on their own site.

As time goes by any beneficial comments made on my site may eventually be absorbed into the articles or books that I write. This is especially the case if there are many pages worth of comments on a particular article. So please only comment if you are okay with this.

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