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How Can I Switch to a New Group of Friends?

By Andrew Burgon /
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June 26, 2014


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Friendship Q & A with Andrew.

It’s only natural that we may come across a new group of friends whose company we prefer.

My answer …

“How can I swtich to a new group of friends without upsetting the current friends I hang out with?”

This question was by someone who was with a really nice group of friends where she was made to feel welcome and accepted. However, she didn’t feel connected with them as their interests were different. One of her other friends has a group of friends who share her sense of humor and she really feels as though that’s where she belongs. Obviously, the thought of making the jump makes her feel a little anxious and hesitant.

You don’t have to feel that you are about to dramatically jump off a ledge and abandon one group to go to another. You could gradually make the change. Slowly test the waters by wading out till your ankle deep in the water. Then up to your knees and waist. To put it another way, you can scale your time with each group to 50/50 for a trial period and then take the plunge with the new group if that’s what you feel to do.

Gravitating towards friendships that are satisfying and fulfilling is a healthy thing. If your heart is telling you to do it then at least spend more time with the other group to see how it goes.

As for your current friends, you could still keep them in your life if you really wanted to. Many people have friends that they do different things with. There is also the option of sometimes merging the two circles like at pool parties.

If you switch to a new group of friends you may find it was a lot easier than you thought. I know if I was in your situation leaving one group to go to another would not be a big deal. I’ve done it before a number of times and judging by the lack of initiative shown by people to keep in contact my leaving the group was a non-event. If you do leave and certain friends from your old group contact you because they want you in their lives make a mental note of it and take the initiative to meet up with them if you feel the same way about them.

How can I switch to a new group of friends I really like without upsetting my old group of friends?   Your answer?
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