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Why is making fun of friends wrong?

By Andrew Burgon /
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July 1, 2014



Making fun of friends has a nasty habit of punching the big red button that has a flashing sign saying, “Do Not Touch!”

My answer …

“I like to make fun of my friends but sometimes this upsets them. Why are they taking me so seriously?”

When you make fun of friends you risk overdoing it and may enter obnoxious territory without realizing it. Getting jabbed in the ribs or having your face rubbed in a mistake you’ve made is something that a lot of people would classify as annoying behavior.

Making fun of someone also runs the risk of stepping on a land mine of sensitivity. Your friend, for example, may have a poor self-esteem and has had difficulty interesting the opposite sex romantically. Then you go ahead and during the conversation drop the sentence, “Who’d want to have a relationship with you? I mean, look at you. (laugh)” Something like that could ‘cut’ far more than you think.

Making fun of friends and having a laugh at their expense is a good way to alienate yourself from others. People will make a negative mental note concerning you. Sensitive people in particular may end up avoiding you entirely. The best bet is to drop the habit all together.

Why is making fun of friends wrong?   Your answer?

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