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Friendship Advice You Would Have Liked to Have Heard in Your Teens

By Andrew Burgon /
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June 26, 2014


Andrew Burgon discusses friendship topics

Friendship Q & A with Andrew. Got Some Friendship Advice to Share?

It might be friendship advice about rekindling an old friendship, friendships that continually trouble you or how to make friends.

My answer …

“Andrew, you’re going to have many acquaintances and passive friends in your life the sheer numbers of which may at some point smother you and cause you to feel depressed. I tell this to you because you have a fervent and sensitive heart and a love for others.

In the years ahead I can see that you will treat your friends to golden hospitality, pour your heart and soul into the social events you host and make them a priority in your life. If you notice, however, that the moment you stop taking the lion’s share of the initiative with them that your social world becomes very quiet with the exception of a few loyal friends and that many of your friends vanish don’t be surprised neither should you take it personally. It’s natural and to be expected.

The vast majority of people are just passing through our lives. Many of them have their eyes on the exit sign as they walk in. Most people are actually incapable of being your good friend. Good friends are a kind of anomaly.

There are many things vying for our time in life. If we forged strong friendships with everyone we met in life these other important areas would suffer. We seem to be hardwired to only be strongly drawn to a limited amount of people and with some of these we develop close friendships. Other than that we live a predominantly friendship lite experience.

If you were only to take away one thing from what I am telling now you etch the following in your mind. That you are the STEWARD of the social slots in your life. By allowing friends who are indifferent, chronically passive or apathetic to fill those slots indefinitely you are inhibiting good friends from entering your life. These slots are meant to be teflon coated, not filled with superglue. Seek new friendships till you have the circle of friends you desire. Friends who desire and appreciate your company. Friends who exhibit the qualities you treasure like enthusiasm, warmth and initiative.”

What is one piece of friendship advice you would have liked to have heard when you were in your late teens? Your answer?
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  1. Peggy Jenkins says:

    I believe that the most important thing about friendship in the teen years is to be yourself. Don’t try to adapt to others. Stay true to yourself.

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