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Privacy & Cookie Policy


I am currently using an email newsletter subscription service that collects the first name and email address of subscribers. Other than that I don’t collect any information about people who visit my site. This site does not currently use cookies to collect information.

I will not voluntarily share your name and email to any third party, except:

– To comply with legal requirements like a subpoena, warrant, court order or regulation.

– Should Project Fellowship ever be sold the email list will go to the new owner.

Naturally, web servers and search engines automatically capture information about visitors and there are tools that can be used to view that data. These tools can tell a site owner things like how many people visited his or her website. What website you came from. The pages you visited on the site and so on. This information may be used to improve my site and even change it’s focus.

As this site grows I may update this Privacy & Cookie Policy at any time. I will inform my newsletter subscribers of any changes to the privacy policy. Others can visit this page to view any updates.


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