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November 14, 2013



I am strict when it comes to obtaining permission to use content that belongs to someone else. Many of the images on this site belong to the photographers and artists of and are used under license. There are also some images from istockphoto. Other images have been sourced from Wikimedia Commons. If no credit has been given it’s either my photo or in the public domain.

Nearly all the photos on the site are credited. If it’s not under the picture you should see it if you put your cursor over the picture. Some thumbnail sized images on the main page may not have it but you can be sure that if you click on it it will take you to a larger identical pictures where it is properly credited.

WordPress has disabled titles above the picture. It doesn’t effect previously posted pictures and I’m currently using a workaround so I can still use it. Hopefully, further wordpress updates won’t effect this way of attributing photos. If you click on many photos on my site you’ll see that it takes you to the source of the photo. If you are a photographer or artist checking out my site and don’t see proper attribution to your photo please let me know.

Images Without Attribution

There may be some special cases like the sites image header where I haven’t attributed the work. If that’s the case I will do so here.

Current Image Header is made up of the following two images.

header image
Image credit: andresr / 123RF Stock Photo


image header 2

Image credit: yuliaglam / 123RF Stock Photo


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