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By Andrew Burgon /
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June 5, 2014


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The Activity Ideas Section Encourages You to Take the Time to Find Activities You Love Doing With People You Really Enjoy Being Around

You may be wondering why a friendship blog covers things like hobbies and sports. It’s because during Project Fellowship I discovered what a sweet spot treasure trove is. This is an activity you love doing with people you love being around. Usually we stumble across them by accident but they can also be found by a deliberate and systematic attempt to uncover them. So this section of my site is a way of encouraging people to find their own sweet spot treasure troves.

Once you have found something interesting go over to or check out if there are any facebook groups centered around the activity your interested in.

I am also including entertainment dens in this section. While the focus is on helping people set up their entertainment den I will be covering products that help facilitate activities like pool tables, dart boards and board games.

This section is also tied to the activities model that I have written about.

list of activity ideas

activity ideas for communities

activity ideas for friends

activity ideas sports

activity ideas hobbies



activity ideas plastic model kits

activity ideas concerts
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