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By Andrew Burgon /
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October 17, 2014

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Board Games Offer Some Really Good Times Spent With Friends

Several years ago my knowledge of board games was extremely limited to chess, checkers, Scrabble and Monopoly. Then I fell in with a board games group and to my pleasant surprise I found out there were a host of intriguing board games. You want a game where you’re excavating temples and discovering treasure? Tikal has you covered. You want to satisfy that sci-fi craving? StarCraft, Battlestar Galactica and Twilight Imperium is awaiting. How about battling it out with medieval nights for the right to sit on the thrown? Warrior Knights is the game for you. Whether you want to have a farm, build a glorious civilization, fight zombies, go on an underwater adventure, or summon heroes from the past, present and future to fight by your side board games make all these options possible.

In this category, I will start out by sharing my love and enthusiasm for the board games I have in my collection. Please note that if you click on a picture it may take you to the game’s page at where you can find out more about the game. Over the next several months I will be writing reviews on them.


I have grouped the games into the following categories.




These games are fairly easy to play. Even if no one has ever played the game before a look through the fairly short manual will quickly bring you up to speed.


These games require someone who knows how to play or at the very least has read through the games manual. For example, the Battlestar Galactica manual is 32 pages long! The group playing this game for the first time can’t just open the box and expect to play within 15 minutes.


These games are rather tough and are for people who are really into board games. The shining example is Republic of Rome. We are talking 39 pages of rules in small text. For a game like that someone has to dedicate himself or herself to learning the rules and ideally sitting down with the game and slowly playing through it solo or with a friend first.

Getting Ready for the First Game

When you get a new game take the time to familiarize yourself with the components and game manual before playing with others. Give some thought to how you are going to explain it clearly. If you prefer you can check on Youtube for a video that explains the game well and arrange for all your friends to watch it when they come over to play.

For games of greater difficulty you’ll want to either play through at least part of the game solo or meet-up with a friend for a learning game. If you don’t do this the game may drag terribly as you frantically look through the manual for how to do something. The other option is to see if any of your friends know how to play the game and ask him or her to play the game with you and your friends.

You could also send your friends a link to the video and manual though I’ve often found in the past that friends didn’t make good use of it. They would sometimes admit to their minds turning to mush when they looked at the manual. So the person who is responsible for introducing the game should make sure they are ready to do so.
Board games really do offer a great deal. If you have overlooked their gaming goodness now is the time to check out some of the games I feature on my site.
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