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Taluva Board Game : Villages,Temples and Pagodas

By Andrew Burgon /
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May 15, 2015


Taluva board game review

The Taluva Board Game is a Great Looking Game

Taluva Board Game Snapshot

In the Taluva board game you will be building villages complete with temples or towers on different kinds of landscape tiles including jungle, sand, rock, clearing and lake.

Taluva Overview

Taluva is a tile placing game for up to four people. To start the game you make four stacks of landscape tiles and take all the temples, towers and huts in your chosen color. Each tile has a volcano on it as well as one or two other kinds of landscape.

Each turn you have to do one of the following after placing down a tile.

a) build a hut on a level one space of your choice. No, you can’t build one on a volcano!

b) build a tower on a third or higher level space that is next to your village. This can only be done if the settlement doesn’t already have one.

c) build a temple on any space at any level that is directly adjacent to one of your settlements that doesn’t already have a temple. A settlement is ready for a temple when it covers at least three spaces.

d) expand an existing settlement.

Choose one of your existing settlements and decide which type of landscape your going to be building on.

Next, fill every empty space of that type adjacent to your settlement with huts. This is the only time in the game when you can place more than one hut during your turn. If it’s a level one space place one hut. If level two, you may place two huts and so on.

Every turn you must build a building. If for some reason you can’t you are out of the game.

Creating Higher Levels

Following the rules of a volcanic eruption you can place a volcano on another volcano to build a higher level.

The volcanic eruption rule simply states that the flow of lava depicted on the second volcano can’t flow in the same direction as the older one under it. These eruptions can end up destroying parts of pre-existing villages and temporarily set an opponent player behind in his or her attempt at building a village. All destroyed huts are returned to the box, not the player.

There are two rules that prevent a  volcanic eruption from happening. The first is that it can’t occur if it will end up destroying a temple or a tower. The second is there can’t be a gap between the tile on top and the ones beneath it.

How the Game is Won

When the last tile has been played the game ends when the current player has finished his or her turn.

The winner is the person who has built the most temples by the end of the game. The premature victory condition takes effect when a player has built all of 2 of the 3 kinds of buildings he or she started the game with.


I like the Taluva board game a lot and a four player game only takes around an hour to play. The rules are minimal and fairly easy to follow. It’s an eye candy game that looks great by the time you’re done.

Taluva Board Game on Amazon (United States)

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