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StarCraft Board Game Review by Andrew Burgon

By Andrew Burgon /
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March 6, 2015


StarCraft Board Game Review

StarCraft Board Game Review: Prepare for Battle!

In this ‘StarCraft Board Game Review,’ I take you through the three phases of the game. Planning phase, execution phase and regrouping phase. If you are in need of a sci-fi fix then StarCraft the board game is definitely a game you need to check out. This video game review comes in four parts. I have also added another video that covers the combat and technology cards of the Overmind.

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StarCraft Board Game Review – Part A

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StarCraft Review – Part B

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StarCraft Review – Part C

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StarCraft Review – Part D

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StarCraft Overmind Combat and Technology Cards

Now that you have seen my StarCraft board game review you should be off to a good start if you are playing for the first time. Good luck!
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StarCraft: The Board Game (Amazon, United States)

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