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Entertainment Den Ideas

By Andrew Burgon /
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January 13, 2014


Project Fellowship Entertainment Den
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The Entertainment Den Ideas and Products in this Section Will Help You Entertain Your Guests in Style and Comfort

A well-set up entertainment den will help facilitate good times with your friends. Over the coming months I’ll be writing articles giving you lots of entertainment den ideas and handpicking products from Amazon (United States)  to show you.

Things You Should Consider When Setting Up an Entertainment Den


Consider what your interests are and the interests of your friends. Set things up so you can cater from low-key get-togethers to lively parties in a heartbeat. Top contenders vying for a space in your entertainment den are a large HDTV for watching movies or playing music videos. A large green, red or blue topped pool table that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours. An electronic dartboard that takes care of all the scoring for you.


Do you want to imbue your character into the den? If you are a person of great warmth you might want a large oil painting on the wall that projects some warmth into the room. If you are a geek and proud of it you might want to have a long string of LED lights running along the side of the drinks counter. If you possess a zest for life and are one of those effervescent personalities then you can make your room come to life with a large blue bubble wall.

Signature Object

A signature object is something that screams you, arrests attention and puts your indelible mark on the room. If it also doubles as a conversational piece all the better. It might be a large multi-colored Venetian mystique butterfly mask wall plaque. A collection of ancient coins or replicas. If you are a big Elvis fan a limited edition montage of the King might fit the bill nicely.

Making a Statement

Is there a statement you want to make when people walk into your den? The impression of sophistication, wealth or intelligence can easily be created using the right decorations, furniture and other objects in the room.


The way you set up your den can also infer status. If you sometimes host board game parties at your place having a large cabinet stocked with a fine selection of games is going to cause jaw dropping and make you the undisputed Emperor of gaming among group members. If it’s DnD gaming you’re into then you may want a nice display case to show off your amazing collection of figures.


So much can be done with lighting. Will you have lights that can be dimmed? Will they be ordinary looking or fantasy like? A glazed brick wall and golden color lamps really add a pleasant ambiance to a place. So to does a piece of wall art or painting that has LED lights around it that’s hidden from site but cast a nice golden glow around it. Then there’s the bar area. LED lights can make a bar area pulse with life if placed correctly. Finally, will you install special lights to illuminate paintings, art work or the contents of display cases?

Here are some more entertainment den ideas.

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