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Multi Canvas Prints / Oils That Will Make the Room

By Andrew Burgon /
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October 11, 2014

multi canvas prints and oils interior decorating
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Multi Canvas Prints and Oils are Great for Giving Your Room the Desired Feel You Want

Multi canvas prints or oils can really have a dramatic effect on a room. Before you go off and buy one though have a think about what effect you’re going for.

You’ll notice how putting a nice big picture of an ocean on a main wall seems to open up the room. A large picture of a shore with the sun setting can be inviting and captivating. It calls out to you to take a walk along that beach. A close-up of the sun setting can infuse the room with warmth. If you live in the city then having a beautiful nature scene of trees and a stream running through it may help to recharge, soothe and relax you.

You can take things up a level by choosing a multi canvas print or oil that is in harmony with the colors present in the room. A nice blue ocean picture of the sea to go with the blue cushions on the sofa, a blue vase and blue glasses that you serve guests with.

You can also go for colors that complement each other. Let’s say you’ve gone for that golden glow look in your entertainment den. Wood panel walls, gold lamp shades and golden metal figurines. Putting up a large nature scene that has a lot of green trees and blue sky in it could multiply it’s impact on the room.

Multi Canvas Prints: Eco-Light Technology

An interesting category of multi canvas prints is the Startonight dual view glass art acrylic decor. They’re brilliantly colored printings that glow in the dark. It only needs about 30 minutes of natural or artificial light to charge them up and then they’ll glow for around 8 hours.

The company makes the remarkable claim that the luminous properties are guaranteed for unlimited charging recycles. They have also made a point of emphasizing that the luminous material is ecological, is not radioactive nor does it contain phosphorous. They state it will not harm your health or the environment.

Below are multi canvas prints and oils on Amazon (United States) where I’m an affiliate. Clicking on the image will take you to it’s page on Amazon where you can find out more about it. Most of these can be had for well under a $US100. The most expensive ones that glow in the dark can cost as much as $US199.

Gold Moroon Top Line

Multi Canvas Prints Wall Art: 3 Panels

Gold Moroon Middle Line

Multi Canvas Prints Wall Art: 4 Panels

Gold Moroon Middle Line

Multi Canvas Prints Wall Art: 5 Panels

Gold Moroon Middle Line

Multi Canvas Oils Wall Art – Hand Painted Oil Paintings

Gold Moroon Middle Line

Canvases Using Ecolight Technology (Luminous properties)

Entertainment Dens Furniture
Gold Moroon Middle Line

Phoenix Home


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