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Inline Skating is a Graceful and Fluid Sport

By Andrew Burgon /
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January 13, 2014


Inline Skating or Rollerblading is an Exciting and Invigorating Sport

Recreational inline skating can be done for the simple pleasure of exercise and exploring places in the vicinity. However, if you decide you want more of this experience you can take things up several notches and enter the arena of competitive inline sports.

Inline skates are distinctive from regular skates as they have 4 wheels in a row. This allows for greater speed and better maneuverability than regular skates.

There are different disciplines in competitive inline skating.

Vert Skating

Project Fellowship Vert Ramp
Vert Ramp

Vert Skating is the use of inline skates on a vert ramp. When the skater builds up enough speed to go above the coping he or she performs aerial maneuvers like spins or flips. In competitions skaters are only given a short time to impress the judges.

Aggressive Inline

As it’s name suggests, this is all about skating aggressively and involves advanced skating maneuvers. These include grinds, airs, cess slides and toe/heel rolls.

Urban Skating

Urban skating or free skating is done in an urban setting with participants traveling through streets and around obstacles as fast as possible. On the way different tricks are performed like jumps, slides and grinds.

Freestyle Skating

An umbrella term referring to the competitive disciplines of skating held by the International Freestyle Skaters Association. They are all forms of inline skating performed on flat ground that include freestyle slalom, speed slalom, free jump, high jump and jam.

Freestyle Slalom involves performing technical skating maneuvers around a straight line of spaced cones.

Speed Slalom involves skating through 20 cones as fast as possible.

In High Jump, the skater comes down a ramp, skates towards a high jump and jumps over a bar.

Jam Skating gets it’s inspiration from different styles of dance. A competitor might incorporate elements of break dancing, figure skating, modern dance and gymnastics into his or her performance.

Artistic Skating

Types of artistic skating include figures, dance, freestyle, precision teams and singles and pairs.

In Figures, skaters skate around a series of circles or ovals to show their mastery of control and accuracy.

Dance is broken up into solo, team and trio dancing.

In Freestyle, creativity is emphasized. Skaters jump, spin and do choreographed movements to music.

In Precision Teams, up to four skaters perform various patterns and movements to music.

In Singles and Pairs, skaters present routines to music. Judges assess their skating ability and creativity.


Artistic Dance
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