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Speedminton is Way Cooler Than Badminton

By Andrew Burgon /
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January 12, 2014


Project Fellowship Speedminton
Source:, Berlin / GFDL 1.2 Submitted by Norro, Wikimedia Commons

Speedminton is Fast and Fun

Speedminton or speed badminton is a racket sport said to be like badminton, tennis and squash all rolled into one. Whether you just want to play a casual game with your teenage kids or play a fiercely competitive one with friends speedminton has you covered. Since there is no need for a net it can be played just about anywhere day or night as the video below shows.

There are three kinds of speeders you can use that look similar to shuttlecocks. A regular light speeder for recreational play. One that has a ring on it to make it heavier for match play. This allows the speeder to go longer distances and reach speeds of up to 190 mph. The third kind are called night speeders that have a glowstick inside them.

Speedminton Rules

A player plays in a square measuring 5.5 meters that is marked by cones or other kinds of markers. The distance between the two squares is 12.8 meters.

Players decide who serves first by flipping a coin or some other agreed upon method. They alternate after every three serves.

Points are awarded for the following:

* Service fault
* Speeder touches the ground.
* Speeder lands on the playing field but cannot be returned.
* Speeder lands outside the playing area.
* Speeder is hit twice consecutively by the same player.
* Speeder touches your body.

Note that if a player returns a speeder that goes out of the play area play continues without any penalty.

The game finishes when one player reaches 16 points. If both players tie at 15 or greater they keep playing till one player is two points ahead. In this case, service alternatives after each point.

The player who lost the game gets to serve first in the next game. In a match of five games the first one to win three games is the winner.

Players change sides after each game. If a match is being played and a fifth game is required players change sides every 6 points.

Doubles Match

When playing doubles, one player is referred to as an attack player while the other one is a back space player. The back space player is not allowed to put his rear foot in front of his team mate’s rear foot when he hits the speeder. Doing so counts as a foul and causes a point loss. Players in a team switch positions when service changes.


Some people like to play speedminton at night using black lights, fluorescent paints and speeders outfitted with glow sticks. This is called blackminton.

Source: Speedminton Site
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