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Camping Activities: Fun Ways to Unwind and Relax

By Andrew Burgon /
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November 15, 2014

Camping trip
Image by Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-1990-0802-408 / Sindermann, Jürgen / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Camping Activities to Make Your Next Camping Trip More Enjoyable

Going camping up in the mountains or close to the beach with friends can make for a very special experience. With opportunities to explore new surroundings, connect with nature and simply take time out from the monotony of our lives it can be a very refreshing time indeed. It can also help us get to know our friends better and forge closer ties with them.

There are a host of fun and relaxing things to do when camping especially if the site has good facilities and equipment. Loading up on good ideas and preparing well beforehand can make a camping experience go from good to great.

Below are a potpourri of ideas for you to choose from. Hopefully, they will make your next camping trip more enjoyable and memorable.

Camping Activities: In and Around the Tent

Just wish to relax around the immediate area of your tent or are stuck inside due to poor weather?

* Board Games
* Card Games including Uno, Citadels and Poker
* Cell phone/Tablet games
* Dice games like Farkle
* Connect Four
* Charades, I Spy
* Paper games like Hangman and tic tac toe
* Reading
* Movies

Camping Activities: Night Time

Without a doubt one of the highlights of a camping trip is spending time with friends around a campfire.

* Baking food in an underground oven.
* Creative Relay Story Telling
* Flashlight tag
* Ghost Stories
* Guitar playing
* Jokes
* Roasting marshmallows
* Singing songs
* Talking about mutually interesting topics
* Trivial pursuit

Sports & Other Activities

* Badminton
* Baseball
* Biking
* Cricket
* Dodgeball
* Frisbee
* Football
* Hide-and-seek
* Hiking
* Kite Flying
* Swimming
* Obstacle Course
* Shooting cans with BB guns
* Soccer
* Statues & Traffic Lights
* Trampoline

Water Activities

* Boating
* Canoeing or Kayaking
* Fishing
* Fossiking in tide pools
* Leisurely stroll along the beach
* Lounging around in the pool on an inflatable tube
* Coin toss in the pool for the kids
* Playing with a big beachball
* Shell Collecting
* Skipping Stones
* Snorkeling
* Swimming
* Tubing down a river
* White-water rafting
* Water Volleyball
* Water guns and water fights

Camping Activities for Nature Lovers

One of the reasons why people love to go camping is to connect with nature. Why not help facilitate this by getting together and talking about different aspects of the area like animals and plants?

If you’re going to a popular area that people frequent you will likely find images and information about the animals and plants in the area. You might like to print some of these out or have the files on your computer or tablet to show others during the discussion.

Another thought is to have a photo competition. By the end of the camp, people submit their five best digital photos. Awards can be given for the best fauna, flora and scenery photos.

I hope some of these camping ideas make your next camping trip relaxing, enjoyable and even educational.

Have any camping activities you can add to my list?

Image by Francis Martin Hain / CC-BY-2.0
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