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Plastic Aircraft Model Kits

By Andrew Burgon /
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October 8, 2014


Boeing B-47B
Boeing B47B Taking Off

Find an Aircraft Model Kit You Love and Build It!

Over the course of the next few months I’ll be adding to this section aircraft model kits. If you don’t find one you like I’ve left a link at the bottom page to direct you to Amazon.

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World War 1 Fighter Planes

The SPAD XIII was a World War 1 French biplane single-seat fighter. It was one of the most capable and most produced fighters in the war. Many were armed with one or two Vickers 7.65 mm machine guns. Others had the devastating 37 mm Hotchkiss cannon mounted in the nose or carried strut-mounted Le Prieur rockets.

The German Fokker E.III mono-plane fighter was outfitted with the revolutionary synchronised machine gun which allowed a pilot to fire between the propeller blades as they went around.  For a brief time they held a tactical advantage over the poorly armed Allied aircraft.

The Albatross D.II biplane fighter aircraft was the plane the Red Baron (Manfred von Richthofen) was flying when he was in a long dogfight with Lanoe Hawker. While both pilots were flying aces the Albatross was not only faster than the DH2 but more powerful as well with a pair of IMG 08 machine guns.

The Royal Aircraft S.E.5a was a British biplane fighter aircraft that along with the Sopwith Camel helped the Allies regain air superiority in mid-1917 and maintain it for the rest of the war.

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World War II Aircraft

Prop-Driven World War II Fighters

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World War II Jet Fighter

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Vietnam War

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Korean War

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Persian Gulf War

Plastic Aircraft Model Kits on Amazon (United States)

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