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Metal Gear REX Model Kit Will Make Your Heart Skip a Beat!

By Andrew Burgon /
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December 9, 2014

Metal Gears REX model kit review
Image by sahua / 123RF Stock Photo

Metal Gear Rex Model Kit Black Version Garners Rave Reviews

The Metal Gear Rex model kit is one of the most awesome looking mechs I’ve seen on the market. As a model kit it also has to be one of the most intimidating to put together.

This is a snap-fit kit that requires no glue or paint. The 600 pre-colored plastic pieces that need assembly should keep you busy for some time. It has multiple points of articulation including legs that fold up allowing the cockpit to rest on the ground. It also comes with a good number of decals. The model stands an imposing 9 inches tall and is a 1:100 scale model kit.

Metal Gears REX stands on massively armored legs and sports a wicked looking rail gun as well as a Gatling gun, missiles and a laser. I like the fact that it also comes with tiny figures of Liquid Snake, Solid Snake and Grey Fox. When placed next to the Metal Gears Rex Model they give you a sense of just how big this mech titan is.

Metal Gear Video Games

The Metal Gear REX model kit hails from a series of action-adventure video games called Metal Gear. In the first game you take control of a special forces operative called Solid Snake who is sent on a mission to find the superweapon Metal Gear. A bidpedal walking tank with the ability to launch nuclear weapons.

Metal Gear REX makes it’s debut in Metal Gear Solid. It is said to have near-impenetrable compound armor, a pair of 30 mm gatling guns, anti-tank missiles and an electron laser. It’s primary weapon, however, is a magnetic railgun capable of delivering an untraceable nuclear warhead to any destination on the planet.

One of the memorable scenes in the Metal Gears series is the fight between Metal Gear REX and Metal Gear RAY. It happens in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

The Metal Gear franchise is a big one that has achieved great success selling over 31 million copies worldwide.

There is a gray colored Metal Gear REX model kit available on Amazon. Only one provider has it available now but is asking a premium price for it. The provider above (click on gray Metal Gear Rex) will have it in stock on March 15 for a substantially lower price.

About the company, Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya is the company that produces the Metal Gear Rex model kit. They started as a toy store in Tachikawa city, Tokyo, in 1953. Eventually they decided to become a model kit manufacturer in 1983. They produce things like fully assembled and painted resin statues and action figures.
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Kotobukiya Metal Gear REX model kit  (Available March 15, 2015)

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