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Heads Up: A Guessing Game That Videos the Clue Givers

By Andrew Burgon / Follow on facebook / twitter September 11, 2014 Guess the Word on Your Forehead with Clues from Friends Before the Timer Runs Out Platform: iOS 5.0 or later Android 2.3 and up While my friends and I were waiting for a bus my friend pulled out her phone and showed us a cool game called Heads Up. She put her smart phone on her forehead with the screen facing towards us. We had to look at the word on the screen and give her hints as to what it was. In the space of a minute we […]

HTC One (M8) Lookin Good with Abundant Power and Battery Life

By Andrew Burgon / Follow on facebook / twitter September 10, 2014   The HTC One is a rave worthy phone possessing awesome features in it’s sleek metal chassis. HTC has been intently listening to consumers and implementing features that they consider particularly desirable. “We want a memory card slot.” Done! “We want a camera on the front that lets us take great photos of the friends that huddle around us for a pic.” Done! “We need a phone that can make it through a whole day.” Done! Let’s take a closer look at the features that make the HTC […]