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Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

By Andrew Burgon /
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December 17, 2013

Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for Friends and Family
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Gift Ideas for Friends and Family That Will Evoke Smiles and Good Cheer

In the Gift Ideas for Friends and Family section of my site I write about what to consider when buying someone a gift. I also present 20 gifts in each category.

There is something joyous about gift giving. Even more so when the person’s face you’re giving the gift to lights up. A sunny smile appears and gratitude flows. Children are great recipients of presents due to the amount of excitement they exhibit. They become giddy with anticipation and exude happiness by the bucketful!

Gift giving can be a beautiful act of selflessness and thoughtfulness. A chance to show that you care and are mindful of others. It can help strengthen bonds and touch the hearts and minds of others in a special way.

The dilemma, of course, is what gift to give? Naturally, we want to give a gift that the person on the receiving end will like. There can be a notable difference between giving someone a gift they love and a gift they’re not really interested in and have little use for. So, how do we divine what the other person would like?

Have a think about the things you know they like. Bob loves his tablet computer and is rarely seen without it. The case that it came with is pretty plain though. A nice black or maroon leather case would probably be greatly appreciated.

Michelle has an obvious love for accessories. She particularly loves crystal brooches that she wears on special occasions. A beautiful phoenix brooch to add to her collection would no doubt be most welcome.

To me children are the most difficult to buy for. If I get a gift for my son that he doesn’t really like it’s like the lights of the house suddenly dim! Lol Kids can be very transparent when it comes to feelings. One way around this is to sound them out with a toy catalog. Which toys do they spend most of the time drooling over?

Over the coming weeks I’ll be presenting 20 gift ideas in several different categories. These will be accompanied by more ideas on what to buy someone.

Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

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