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Indoor Parties

By Andrew Burgon /
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September 11, 2014

Indoor Party Ideas board game / Christmas / Toga parties

Great Ideas for Indoor Parties

In the Indoor Parties section, I cover the kind of parties we usually have indoors. These include board game, murder mystery and wine and cheese parties. My goal is to load you up with ideas so you can take your partying to the next level. If you think of any other good ideas to add please do so.

My favorite kind of indoor parties are those hosted in my own home. The main reason is that I can set up my home in such a way that it’s cozy, comfortable and ideal for partying.

For Project Fellowship I bought lots of chairs, cushions and a few tables to make sure my guests were comfortable whether we were partying in my home or having a barbecue on the roof of my apartment complex.

Beautiful prints of paintings adorned the walls by artists like Thomas Kincade and Jonathan Earl Bowser. There’s a beautiful rural picture created out of mother-of-pearl shell that I bought in Vietnam. A huge poster of a Spanish Galleon and Illium from the video game Mass Effect 2. A gold foil map of Middle Earth. A movie poster from the Lord of the Rings: The Twin Towers. When I held board game parties I sometimes had large posters made that were related to the games we played.

I had five aquariums around the home that helped to give it a relaxed, tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.

I bought a good number of games to help ensure there was never a dull moment.

I also loved taking on the role of host in my own home. Presenting guests with drinks. Cooking up a big pot of stew that they could help themselves to at anytime.

You’ll find many good ideas in the indoor parties below

Board Game Parties
board game parties

Comedy Parties
Comedy party ideas

Toga Parties
toga party ideas 2

Egyptian Party Ideas
Egyptian party ideas 2

Wine & Cheese Parties
wine and cheese party ideas

Murder Mystery Parties
Murder Mystery Party Game

Halloween Party Ideas
Halloween Party Ideas

Indoor Birthday Party Ideas for Children
birthday party ideas games kids

Christmas Party Ideas for Adults
Christmas Party Ideas 2

Christmas Party Ideas for Kids
Christmas games for kids

Great Gatsby Parties
Great Gatsby Party Ideas

Goth Party
Goth Party link

Halloween Costume and Makeup Gallery
halloween costumes makeup link
party ideas
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Party Supplies

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