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Christmas Party Ideas for Adults

By Andrew Burgon /
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November 24, 2014


Christmas Ideas Santa Claus
Image by Heather Morey of Creative Photo (Jonathan Meath) / CC-BY-SA-2.5

Great Christmas Party Ideas for Adults to Help Ensure a Memorable Christmas

Ah, Christmas! I love and welcome it’s cheery, glittery and gaudy waltz into my life every year! Christmas parties and songs. A dinner complete with bon bons and Christmas table settings. Carols sung around the piano or the HDTV. In Christmas Party Ideas for Adults I want to briefly touch on the elements of a Christmas party people should be mindful of and present some ideas that will guarantee that you and your friends have a rollicking good time.

Christmas Party Themes

A general Christmas party theme is great but not year after after for the rest of your life! Here are three themes you may like to consider adopting this Christmas.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus Dress Up Party

Every one must dress as Mr. or Mrs. Clause. Cross dressing is permitted! Give out prizes for the most fashionable, ugly, sexy and authentic looking Santa or Mrs. Claus. If it’s a party where only couples are invited have a prize for the most striking Mr. & Mrs. Claus couple.

Christmas Cocktail Party

All guests have to bring a cocktail recipe and the ingredients. Set up a cocktail area where guests can take turns to treat others to their cocktail. Each cocktail has to be given a Christmas name so Pina Colada might be called the Soothing Santa drink!

Magi three kings christmas ideas
Image by 3268zauber (Own work) / CC-BY-SA-3.0

The Three Kings Party

The Three Kings Party is elegant, opulent, royal and upper class. Three posters on the walls each of which is a king. A quality regal looking invitation complete with calligraphy, a wax seal and a bow. A Christmas tree with jeweled ornaments. Cornucopia ornaments made out of paper cones and filled with candy or chocolates that are wrapped in silver and gold. A gold table cloth on which lies gold rimmed plates, decorative crowns and candle holders emitting a golden glow. Guests come dressed in formal wear. Got it?

Christmas Activities

Decorating the Christmas Tree

When guests arrive give them three ornaments and ask them to put them on the Christmas tree.

Guess How Many Ornaments are on the Christmas Tree

Have guests guess how many ornaments are on the Christmas tree. Don’t let them stand there and count each one! They only get a moment. Then sometime during the party announce who got closest to the number and award a prize.

Christmas Tree Dress-Up

Break guests up into groups. Each group is given a bunch of suitable decorations to dress someone up as a Christmas tree. Definately include some battery powered flashing lights and bonus points if you include different kinds of top-of-the-Christmas tree hat ornaments eg. star, reindeer, Santa. Give out prizes to each member of the winning team.

Guessing Game

Each guest is given a picture he or she can’t see. It might be on a paper headband or worn like a necklace with the picture on the guest’s back. Guests go up to someone and ask questions to help determine what their picture is. This is a great ice-breaker game if lots of people are present who don’t know each other.

Christmas Sweaters

Guests are asked to creatively turn one of their sweaters into a Christmas sweater. The person with the best sweater wins the prize. Another version of this is to come up with an ugly Santa Christmas sweater. If you happen to live in the part of the world like Australia where it’s summer turn up the air conditioner for this one!

Be careful with the Christmas sweater idea. At one party I had only two people did it! I asked them to wear their sweaters and one of them felt really embarrassed to the point of being upset though I didn’t know about this till after the party. If you have this competition and only a few people do it ask them beforehand if they would mind wearing it.

Christmas Present Exchange

Everybody brings an inexpensive gift to the party to give to someone else. There are different ways to do the Christmas exchange.

* Hot Potato Relay Christmas Giving

If there are lots of people present have guests give a gift to someone and wish them Merry Christmas. They take the present they’re given and give it to someone else. This happens for three to five minutes. “Hi, I’m John. Merry Christmas!” When the time is up the Christmas present they have is the one they keep.

* Drawing Names

All Christmas presents are put on a table. They are put in order and the names of guests put into a bag. A name is taken out of the bag. That person comes out and the person who brought the present takes it and gives it to them.

Christmas Decorations

I’ve had some pretty cool looking Christmas decorations over the years. An amazing optic fibre Santa Claus that changed colors and sang a carol. A beautiful Christmas tower with flashing LED lights inside. Glass angels that change color. Glass candy canes that flash on the Christmas tree. This is just the tip of the iceberg on what’s available out there so start shopping!

Christmas Pudding

Dreamy goodness!. Christmas pudding with vanilla custard!

Image by Ewan Munro from London, UK / CC-BY-SA-2.0

Food & Drinks

Growing up in Australia a Christmas lunch consisted of ham, chicken, mashed potato and gravy. There were also nuts, chocolates and candy on offer as well. Turkey was something I rarely had but it makes for a most welcome addition to a Christmas lunch menu along with cranberry sauce. The piece de resistance would be an amazing hot Christmas pudding with vanilla custard!

Other Christmas food you might like to look into include a Crown Roast of Lamb, a Lemon Meringue Pie and large red lobsters to go with the Christmas theme table setting.

Check out Wikipedia’s List of Christmas Dishes page. You’re bound to find something there you like.

Music & Carols

Music, of course, is one of pillars of a great party. Ideally, you’re going to want to have some Christmas music that is festive. A good place to start in your search is Amazon. If you type “Christmas Music” into their search engine their most popular music comes up first. They also allow you to sample the music before buying. The first result I saw was the album “That’s Christmas To Me” by a group of singers called Pentatonix. Go over to youtube to have a listen to “Mary, Did You Know?” I was pleasantly surprised.

Christmas Music on Amazon

I can’t imagine having a Christmas party and not getting everyone together to sing some carols. If you happen to have a piano in the house and someone who is willing to play some Christmas music have everyone gather around to sing some songs. Otherwise, get a karoake style DVD and play it on your HDTV.

While this isn't the most elaborate Christmas table setting I've seen it is striking none-the-less.

While this isn’t the most elaborate Christmas table setting I’ve seen it is striking none-the-less. That;s one of the qualities you’re going for when you set up a table like this.

Image by Miia Ranta from Finland (Christmas dinner table Uploaded by Fæ) / CC-BY-SA-2.0

Christmas Dinner Table Settings

If you are having a fairly small intimate gathering of friends for a Christmas dinner then take the time to checkout and be inspired by Christmas table settings. Silver colored pine cones. Antique sheet music under the plates. Rolling up white napkins and keeping it in that shape with a silver ring. Mini poinsettia centerpieces and garland wreaths. Check out the photos over at hgtv to see what I’m talking about. It really doesn’t take much to come up with a stunning Christmas dinner table setting.

I hope you found some of these Christmas party ideas for adults helpful. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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