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Christmas Party Ideas for Kids

By Andrew Burgon /
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November 27, 2014


Christmas Party Ideas for Kids
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Christmas Party Ideas for Kids That Will Make Their Christmas Experience Memorable

Christmas day was a very special time for me as a child. The trip over to my grandparents’ house to meet up with the relatives and have some great food was a highly anticipated event. In Christmas Party Ideas for Kids I’d like to write about how we can make Christmas a memorable time for our children.

Setting-Up for Christmas Day

What are the memories of Christmas that we are giving our children? We can get so caught up in our work and the other demands of life that we neglect to make Christmas as special as it could be. With a little effort, creativity and imagination though we can ensure that the memories sparkle and shine for the rest of their lives.

There are a number of things that immediately come to mind that made Christmas days spent at my grandparents place extra special. Have a think about whether any of these elements could be incorporated into your own Christmas events.

Two inflatable reindeer and a Santa. A Christmas tree covered with ornaments and all decked out in lights. Presents under the tree wrapped in red, green and blue shiny wrapping paper.

When we sat down for Christmas lunch we pulled a bon bon with someone seated next to us. Inside it were jokes, a plastic ring and a paper hat.

Later we would stand around the piano and sing Christmas songs.

I don’t remember any special games being organized for us. We did, however, fly kites in the field behind our grandparents’ place.

I can’t help smile like the Cheshire cat when thinking about it.

Christmas Party Games for Kids

Let’s have a look at some fun games for kids.

* Pin the Nose on Rudolph

A variant on the classic pin the tail on the donkey game. Blindfold the child. Position him two meters away from the large picture of Rudolph, twirl him around 2 to 3 times and push him gently forward. The aim, of course, is to put the round, red nose cut out on the nose of Rudolph.

* Candy Cane Race

Children hang a candy cane on their finger. Their goal is to race around an object and be the first one to come back. You can also set up a relay race where they have to pass the candy cane to another member of their team. Dropping the candy cane then picking it up is okay. Breaking it though eliminates them from the game.

* Santa Says

A variant of Simon Says. The leader Elf tells children what to do. They only do it though it they hear “Santa says.” Those that do the action anyway are out and have to sit on the floor. The last child standing is the new leader Elf. If you can have the leader Elf wear something special like a green Santa hat.

You can have some fun with this one. Like saying, “Santa says touch your toes” but you touch your nose instead. The children who didn’t touch their toes have to sit down.

* Race to Fill the Christmas Stocking or Santa Hat

This is a fun game for parents who have young children. You can use colorfully wrapped candies or chocolates or if you prefer colorful balls.

Three parents sit on chairs which are evenly spaced apart. There is a large bowl of wrapped chocolates close to each chair. The child has to grab chocolates from the bowl and place them in the small Christmas stocking Mum or Dad is holding. The first one to do so is the winner. I have played this game a number of times at Christmas with parents at our school’s open house demonstration. It was always a hit.

For older children turn it into a relay game where they have to put candy on a spoon and put it into their team’s stocking on the other side of the room.

Christmas Carol Charades

Put some Christmas carols on your cell phone and let the child listen to it via earphones. The child has to accompany the song with actions and the other children have to guess what the song is. Start it off yourself by hamming it up and being dramatic to set the tone for the game. Have the song playing on low volume so the other children don’t hear it.

Christmas Hot Potato

Have the children stand in a circle. You play a Christmas carol with your back turned to them. They pass a red, green or gold ball around the circle. When you stop the music the child with the ball has to step in the middle of the circle and sing a few lines of the carol. If they’re too shy for that one maybe have them read a Christmas poem.

Snowman Building Contest

To get the most out of a Snowman building contest give guests advanced notice and have them bring the things they need. Snowmen can be judged on originality and the speed with which they were built. You could also give prizes for the cutest, angriest, funniest looking snowman.

Guess the Christmas Ornament

Wrap a box in nice shiny Christmas wrapping paper and have a decent sized hole in the top. Put a dozen Christmas ornaments inside. Christmas balls, reindeer snowman, candy canes, etc. The child puts her hand in, feels one while it’s still in the box and guesses what it is. If right, it becomes her prize.

Name that Carol

Break the children up into teams. Say a phrase from a carol and award a point to the team that guesses it. After you’ve finished award a prize to the winning team.

You can take this up a level with children who may have a limited knowledge of Christmas carols. After someone guesses right play part of the carol for everyone to listen to. Alternative, if no one can guess it play the carol to help prompt an answer.

Dice Game

This Christmas game is for very young children. Make a big dice about a foot wide and put five pictures on the sides. Perhaps Santa, Snowman, reindeer, elf and candy cane. The sixth side has Merry Christmas written on it. Ideally, have at least two of them made up.

Check to see if the children know the words. If not, take 5 minutes to teach them. Then a child accompanied by a parent picks up the dice and throws it. He has to say what the word is. If he can’t he’s prompted by his father or mother. Works best if two to three children are doing this at the same time. You could even turn it into a competition. Have the parents count how many times his or her child says the word in a period of two minutes. They state how many times at the end of the game and a winner is chosen.

Well, I hope you found an idea you liked Christmas Party Ideas for Kids. If you have one you can share in return please do so in the comment section below. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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