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Comedy Parties That Will Make Your Sides Split With Laughter

By Andrew Burgon /
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December 21, 2013

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Comedy Parties are a Blast!

Comedy Parties are a lot of fun. Laughing a lot together is an immensely pleasurable and satisfying experience. At my comedy parties I like to show a variety of short video clips from a number of sources including comedians at comedy festivals, Saturday Night Live and movies like the Three Amigos. By doing so I ensure that something is sure to appeal to everyone. The great thing is you can have world class talent showing right in your living room.

I like to serve red wine and cheese at comedy parties. I like red wine and cheese parties so I decided to merge these two kinds of parties together. Now my friends have even more incentive to come over. In future, instead of having wine and cheese I might have a dinner party before showing the comedy videos or play board games afterwards.

Other Ideas for Comedy Parties

Right now I’m keeping things very simple. Socializing before the videos while eating red wine and cheese. Showing the videos and socializing some more afterwards. I will consider doing other things if enough people show interest. They include having friends share jokes before the main event. I’ll be sure to have a dozen jokes printed on cards available to encourage anyone who didn’t prepare anything to share one of them.

Arranging groups of friends to do a short, simple skit could also be a lot of fun. A comedy marathon or having friends come dressed up as a comedian or funny character are two other good options. LOL

Preparation for Comedy Parties

The next time I have a comedy party I’m going to create a nice digital invitation using funny graphics and email it to everybody. I’ll personalize these by creating a master invitation with no name on it and then make a copy for everyone with their name on it.

Then, a day or two before the event, I’ll text everyone the funniest short joke I can find. Another thing you can do is to get some posters of iconic comedians like Jim Carrey, Robyn Williams and Steve Martin and put them on the walls in your living room and dining room.

Have a great idea to contribute concerning comedy parties? Please comment below.
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