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Egyptian Party Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests

By Andrew Burgon /
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April 8, 2014


Image Credit: Hamish2k / GFDL

Image Credit: Hamish2k / GFDL


These Egyptian Party Ideas Give You a Shot of the Exotic

Egypt, an intriguing land with an ancient past. Home of the Pharaohs, the Great Sphinx and the pyramids of Giza. It architecture, objects of antiquity and history can’t help but arrest the attention of all those who come in contact with it. That being the case it stands to reason that it has the potential to be a great party theme! I hope these Egyptian party ideas will make your party even better.

Egyptian Party Visuals

Egyptian Posters

Let’s start with the visuals for an Egyptian party. I’m thinking black and gold. I want some of the coolest Egyptian posters on my wall. These can easily be downloaded from the web. Wikicommons might have some decent free pictures and stock photography agencies are guaranteed to have something you will really like. I’m going to go for three posters. A great shot of a pyramid with the great Sphinx in the foreground, a picture of Cleopatra and a treasure trove of priceless Egyptian artifacts. These will be hung on the dining room and living room walls.

Photos of Egypt on HDTV

I’ll find two dozen images of Egypt and display them on my HDTV at the beginning of the party when everyone arrives. This would be accompanied with music.

Egyptian Themed Cushions

Fortunately, I already have gold and black cushions from Thailand on my sofa. You might like to consider changing yours to black and gold or even find some Egyptian themed cushion covers online.

Lotus Flowers or Roses

I’ll set up a vase with lotus flowers in the living room. Lotus flowers were in particular offered to the goddess Isis in Ancient Egypt. The most popular kind were actually blue water lilies. If the local florist can’t get them then red rose buds. Cleopatra adored them.

Egyptian Themed Invitations

Check out the invitation Jen did as well as the rest of her article. King Tutankhamen on the left, three camels inserted between the text on the right on a background that looks like parchment. Really nice.

Try to find some parchment-looking paper, write names in hieroglyphics and give it a touch of mystery. Maybe use the words like “Egyptian Expedition” or an “Encounter with a Mummy.”

You could also include on the back of the card an Egyptian themed map showing where you live and your address. You’re place might be represented as a long lost treasure trove of Egyptian antiquities or a treasure trove.

Egyptian Themed Table Decorations

I’ll get a big black plastic rubbish bag and cut one side so it looks like a long narrow island. I’ll place this on the middle of my brown dining room table so that it almost touches each end of the table. On this I’ll place sand and aquarium replicas of the great phoenix and some pyramids that I picked up online. I’ll borrow my son’s plastic camels and we’re good to go. I will then place the food around it.

Gold & Black Balloons

If there are children then I’d get my hands on some gold and black balloons and place them around the room. I might also get some black and gold streamers and hang them around the room.

Food Presentation

I would like to have the party food presented on black or gold trays, bowls and dishes. I unfortunately don’t have anything in those colors so I’ll check around with my friends first to see if they have them.

Hieroglyphics Wall Decorations

Some people like to make a bunch of cards with a hieroglyphics symbol on them, attach them to a string and hang them up on a wall.

Egyptian Food

Naturally, I want some authentic Egyptian food at the party. I suggest you search online for Egyptian foods that appeal to you. Below are two of the one’s I would definitely be serving at my party.


Image Credit:  Arria Belli (Koshary) / CC-BY-SA-2.0

Image Credit: Arria Belli (Koshary) / CC-BY-SA-2.0

Kushari topped with fried onion. A very popular dish in Egypt. Consists of pasta and tomato sauce along with rice, lentils, caramelized onions, garlic and chickpeas.


Image Credit: marysuephotoeth / CC-BY-2.0

Image Credit: marysuephotoeth / CC-BY-2.0

This is eaten with Egyptian flatbread or raw vegetables like tomatoes or cucumber. It’s a mixture of herbs, nuts and spices like mint, salt, sesame, coriander and cumin. Dreamy food!

Egyptian Music

For music it’s a trip to youtube to see if there are any cool Egyptian pop music videos.

I also want the Bangles “Walk Like an Egyptian” playing periodically during the night as well as Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time.”

Games & Activities


Mummy-Wrapping Competition

If families with young children are coming to the party then it’s hard to beat a mummy-wrapping competition. Break out the toilet rolls and have the children wrap up their mummies. Oh, whatever you do, have the video camera rolling!

Guessing game

I’ll make a pyramid out of metal wire and plastic wrap so that it’s mostly transparent. Then I’ll fill it up with smarties or jelly beans. Everyone writes down on a piece of paper how many smarties or jelly beans they think are in the pyramid. The winner gets to take them home.

Treasure Hunt

We’ve all heard of stories of ancient Egyptian burial chambers or chambers full of Egyptian antiquities being discovered.

If only a few children were coming and I had a big back yard then I would make up a treasure map that had a layout of the backyard and copy it. Then I would place a large cross where the treasure was. Each child’s treasure map would have a cross in a different place because I want them all to find a treasure! Bobby’s area might be the garage while Timmy’s is around the swings and Mary’s is somewhere around the Jacaranda tree.

Remember the Time Dance Contest

Remember the Egyptian dance sequence in Michael Jackson’s ‘Remember the Time?’ It starts at 6:16 in the video below. If the children were outgoing enough I might have a competition to see who could mimic the moves the best. Naturally, anyone who participated in the competition would get a prize.

Costume Competition

If there are enough children present have a costume competition. Have a few special prizes for the best costumes and ideally have everyone getting a little gift for taking part.

Adult Games

Trivial Pursuit
Break everyone up into groups of two or three then talk about something from Egypt and get them to guess what it is. If you think your guests may know very little about the subject you can always slip an information sheet into the invitation and base 50% of your questions on this.

Who Am I? / What Am I?
Make an attractive Eyptian head band with a name on it. Guests put this on without looking. Then they have to go around the room asking questions to try to ascertain who or what they are. Again, you can hand out an information sheet covering famous Egyptian people and places before or during the event if you think it will be too difficult.

Party Favors – When Guests Leave

Consider giving your departing guests a themed gift. For adults it might be a key chain with an image of a Phoenix or pharaoh on it. For children, a ginger bread cookie in the shape of Nefertiti’s head.

Well, that’s pretty much it. Do you have any Egyptian party ideas to add?

Public Domain

Public Domain

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