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Toga Party Ideas: How to Hold a Memorable Toga Party

By Andrew Burgon /
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April 3, 2014


Image Credit: By Lithiumoxide / GFDL

Image Credit: By Lithiumoxide / GFDL


Toga Party Ideas That Will Have You Reveling in a Riotous Gathering of Toga-Clad Enthusiasts in No Time!

My toga party ideas embrace Ancient Rome as it’s theme and runs with it. While many come dressed simply in a toga I’m in favor of some friends turning up as a Roman goddess, emperor, centurion, gladiator or slave. I think it’s a lot of fun as well to incorporate suitable props, decor and ancient Roman food into the party.

Standard Toga Costume

Men usually wear a piece of fabric, drape or even sheet wrapped around their bodies covering one side of their shoulder. This is complimented with an antique style belt over it.

Women can wear the same kind of toga ideally with laced-up Roman style sandals and jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces.

While I somehow associate toga parties with people wearing sheets made to look like a toga I think a trip to the local fabric store will get far better results. Get a suitably long cloth, wrap it around your waist and place the rest of it over your shoulder. You may need some bobby pins to help keep it in place.

Both men and woman may want to opt for a wreath on top of their heads.

What follows is how I would hold an awesome toga party. You will find a lot of ideas therein to use in your own party.

My Toga Party

Toga Party Invitations

I like the idea of making invitations that look like scrolls complete with computer generated calligraphy and a suitable graphic. On the bottom of the back of the scroll I will have a short list of costume and fabric stores.

I would also include a second sheet of paper inside the scroll with information on at least a dozen characters from ancient Rome including Caesar, Spartacus and the Roman god Jupiter. They are to read this before coming to the party so they’ll be able to play a game I have in mind.

If I’m not likely to see the friends I’m inviting to the party before the event then I would create a digital image of an open scroll and send it to them as an email attachment.

Style of Toga Party

I want to host a toga party that’s a little outrageous, that’s a lot of fun to attend and that people will rave about afterwards. There will be between 15 and 20 guests.

I’m going for a middle of the road toga party. While most friends will simply be coming dressed in a toga I do want some friends to be present wearing some really cool costumes. I’d touch base with all my friends to get an idea as to how they will dress for the party. If anyone is coming in a cool rented costume I may ask them to do a scripted task during the night. I also will ask them if they have anything suitable I can borrow that will add a touch of ancient Rome to the party. It might be goblets, a silver tray, a punch bowl or a crystal eagle.

I may end up asking certain key friends to hire a costume. A god or goddess, an emperor, two gladiators and a slave.

I would assign these friends a simple task.

* I’d give Emperor Nero a bunch of red roses to give out to the female guests during the night with some corny lines to deliver along such lines as, “Such beauty should be rewarded with a rose.”

He would also have his own throne. It might be the biggest chair or a one person sofa with some beautiful red or gold fabric over it.

* A dramatic mock battle that takes place between two friends dressed as gladiators. It would take place suddenly with one shouting out a challenge to the other. They’d be some visual comedy with the appointed winner getting showered with rose petals.

* My ‘slave’ friend decked out in ragged clothes and chains would be serving drinks or delicacies on a silver tray.

* A special dramatic entrance for the goddess. I’d give a spiel introducing her character, tinged with admiration and maybe shower the ground before her in rose petals.

I might even entertain the idea of having the god or goddess pretending to be a statue for a short while during the party just like you see some street performers do. To create this effect though you would need the right kind of person for it, possibly make-up and some props to make it work.


* A golden eagle on the door.

* I would find some really cool images of a Roman god, emperor and a gladiator and have them printed out at the local print shop. The shop I go to puts a pastic rod on the top and bottom of the poster. The top rod has a string attached so it can be hung on a wall.

* A fancy punch bowl. I might add some aluminium foil to the outside of it to beauty it’s appearance.

* I might make some fake grape vines using grepe paper and run them around the room.

* The tables with party food would be suitably adorned. I’d go online to see if I could find any suitable props. For example, decorative candles with an ancient kind of look to them.

Toga Party Food

Concerning food and it’s aethetic presentation I’m going for a rich, exotic and lavish look. I also want to have party foods that the wealthy ancient Romans ate.

* Fish & shrimps and snails.

* Oysters on ice.

* Nuts, cheese, dates, figs and olives.

* A nice big loaf of round bread.

* Grapes in a large wooden bowl. Pears next to it.

Toga Party Drinks

I would also like to serve a kind of wine that the ancient Romans drank. Perhaps passum which is a strong and sweet raisin wine and mulsum which is a freshly made mixture of wine and honey. If I couldn’t find such wines then you will probably find be dabbling in the kitchen concocting my own Roman wine by adding various ingredients to it.

As a side note, beer was known but considered vulgar in ancient Roman times. It was associated with barbarians!

Seating Arrangement

While guests will be using chairs and sofas I’m going to put the two persian rugs I have in the living room and put a low level table on it. I have around ten wide golden cushions that I bought for another event that I will put on the floor. This is partly because when I think of ancient Rome I think of the famous baths of those times and how some wealthy people sat on rose petal matts.


* I might have a movie like Ben Hur or Gladiator playing on the HDTV when guests first arrive with the volume down low.

* For this party I’ll be playing Italian pop music that is festive and full of energy.

Toga Party Games

Who Am I?

I’m making up some cool headbands for every guest coming. I suggest you use the kind of thick paper that has a nice gold or silver shiny top that you can probably pick up at your local stationary store. Simply write the name of a character on it with a thick marker. Everyone puts them on without looking at the name and goes around the room asking yes or no questions around the room. “Am I a god?” “Did I serve in the senate?” etc

I’ll have some extra copies of the character sheet I included with the invitation that friends can refer to before the game but not during.

Trivial Pursuit

As many guests may not know that much about ancient Rome break your guests up into groups of two or three. Come up with over a dozen questions on ancient Rome. Try and make it so that even if nobody comes up with an answer they learn some interesting and fascinating things about ancient Rome. Give out a prize.

If you wish to hold a toga party like this you need to emphasize what time guests should come and tell them that you have some fun things planned so don’t be late.

Got any toga party ideas to add? Please share them with us.


Image Credit: Carl Friedrich Deckler / Public domain

Image Credit: Carl Friedrich Deckler / Public domain

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