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Garden Party Ideas : A Memorable Day with Friends

garden party ideas

A painting of a garden party painted over a hundred years ago by Philip Leslie Hale. Image Public Domain (PD-1923)

Garden Party Ideas

These garden party ideas will ensure a memorable day spent with friends outside. A nice, warm spring or summer’s day. The beauty of nature. The company of friends. It’s a potent mix guaranteeing a pleasant time together. Here’s how I would host a garden party for ten friends.

The Garden

Providing an aesthetically pleasing setting only helps to enhance the time spent with friends. Have a think about what garden assets you want to build.

* A mix of flowers of varying sizes like roses, snapdragons and marigolds.

* Transplanted ornamental trees from the local nursery. Blushing Bride Flowering Cherry Tree, the Toba Hawthorne or the Autumn Blaze Pear are just a few of the many trees available.

* A  pond with beautiful gold, red and yellow koi swimming around.

* Statues of maidens, angels or garden gnomes.

* Bird baths or a decorative bird avery. Parrots, doves, finches, toucans, lories or canaries.

* White garden lattice with vines and flowers growing on it.

* Four brick pillars suspending a light metal wire mesh covered in vines above the dining area. Hang some red and purple decorations hanging from it to create a spectacular setting.

garden party ideas

Color Scheme

Give a little thought to the color scheme of the party. You may like to start with the dominant flower color in the garden. If it’s yellow then take out anything in your serveware collection that is yellow or go out an buy some things to match it. Alternatively, red or blue are safe bets.

Garden Party Ideas: Set-Up

Having everyone sitting together at one long table can’t be beat. A nice light gold table cloth to cover it. Floral plates, cutlery and brown napkins. NO plastic plates, cups or knives and forks. We are going to dine in style.

Three narrow centerpieces on the table containing delicate flowers that are ideally red, yellow and orange. One placed in the center of the table. The other two left and right of it. The food and watermelon juice will add a nice splash of color to the table. I’m going for a vibrant and festive look. It’s a kind of setting that people are drawn to. It’s inviting and welcoming practically begging you to sit down.

garden party salad with avocado and red onion

Salad with avocados and red onion.

Image by GianfrancoD (Own work) / CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Garden Party Ideas: Food

I prefer light food for garden parties with food in buffet fashion on the table. The food below is on my list.

* Prawn Cocktails served as appetizers
(Served in a suitable footed bowl. Place the lettuce leaves down first. Then lots of corn and cut cherry tomatoes. Shrimps (smaller kind) simply lay on top. Add thousand island dressing.)

* Potato Salad

* Dishes of olives, beetroot, corn and pickles

* Honey Vinegar Grated Carrots

* Salad with Avocado and Red Onions

* Tuna Pasta Salad

* Smoked Chicken

* Ham & Mustard

* White mushrooms and thousand island dressing

* Apple, kiwi, strawberry and melon fruit salad for dessert

garden party ideas food presentation ham

This is a nice presentation of ham for large garden parties that have a dedicated food table.

Image by Belappetit (Partyservice Reichelt) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Beverage & Snack Station

Naturally, a warm or hot day spent outside is going to generate a lot of thirst. Find a nice shady spot if you can to erect a portable beverage table.

A sky blue table cloth will go well with the greenery around it. Bonus points if you can decorate the table well with leaves or delicate flowers. I’ve seen people use fruit like strawberries, cherries, grapes, lemons, limes, oranges (some cut into slices, some whole)  and mint to not only use as garnishes but to decorate part of the table with.

While I’m very tempted to use a decorative punch bowl it only takes one bug floating in it to turn people off. So any containers including carafes and drink dispensers must be sealed or have a lid on them.

Drinks will include a refreshing white peach sangria. Coca Cola, lemonade and watermelon juice. A bottle of whisky and two bottles of white wine. Iced tea and coffee. Beer including some exotic Belgium beers. Lots of water.

For the White Peach Sangria I’d try Heather‘s recipe over at Simply take a bottle of Pinot Grigio, a large bottle of club soda and 1/2 a pack of frozen peach slices. Mix the drinks then add the peach slices and ice. Sounds good to me!

While I’m a huge fan of portable coolers I prefer to only use them to store drinks and ice that aren’t needed right away. My aesthetic tendencies tell me that drinks should be put on display. A large bowl filled with ice and beer or a portable cooler that keeps everything under wraps and out of sight? I thought so.

As for snacks, an attractive brown cutting board with sliced brown bread, figs and cheese. A  basket of green grapes. A bowl for each of the following. Walnuts, dried dates and cut-up chewy apricot muesli bars.

Sconces with cream and jam will be served later.

garden party ideas walnuts
Image by MOs810 (Own work) / CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Evening Illumination

If you are thinking about having the garden party continue into the evening then consider these ideas.

A tree covered in LED lights or strings of LED lights hung over the dining area.

Paper lanterns with lights placed strategically around the garden.

For the beverage stand throw in some waterproof glow sticks into a clear large bowl containing the beer bottles and ice.

Garden Coffee Shops

Don’t have a nice garden to host a party? You will probably be able to find alternatives in your area. For example,  garden coffee shops. You may find a few within an hours drive of where you live that will do just nicely. Some of these have glorious scenic views, cultivated gardens and ponds teaming with carp. The last one I went to had a flowing stream next to our table.

I hope some of these garden party ideas were to your liking. Got some of your own ideas to share?

Image Credits

Pond by Massimo Roselli ( / CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Statue by Simon Q from United Kingdom (Secret Garden, Cliveden Uploaded by tm) / CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bird bath by Duncan McCaskill (Picasa Web Albums) / CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

German Garden Gnome by Colibri1968 at English Wikipedia (Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

garden party ideas
Image by 3268zauber (Own work) / CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
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