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Party Ideas: Taking Your Parties Up to the Next Level

By Andrew Burgon /
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December 5, 2013


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Party Ideas to Make Your Next Party Pop With Fun and Excitement

In ‘Party Ideas‘ I wish to cover some important elements that make parties great. Parties are exciting and lots of fun. Mingling with friends. Laughter and chatter. Good food, music and entertainment. A colorful burst of tinsel, glitter and ribbons.

Ready to take your partying up another level? When preparing for a party think in terms of the five senses.


If you are holding parties in your combined living room, dining room and kitchen area consider how you could enhance it. Beautiful paintings or art work on the walls. An aquarium with colorful fish. Decorative lamps. For the guys a nice brass cuirass (armor) to display in my study room. For the ladies perhaps a beautiful tapestry hanging on the wall. Then there are the party decorations. Playing music videos on the HDTV. Food can be presented in an aesthetic manner on attractive dishes. Posters can be made that can help give that theme party of yours the appropriate atmosphere. Props like statues and replicas can do the same thing.


You can give your home a unique pleasant scent. Place some fragrance satchels around the home. Perhaps lavender, lemongrass or pine forest.  Incense or aromatic candles are two other options. Lay off the strong smells though. Those can make people feel uncomfortable and nauseous.


Carefully choose the dishes and snacks that will dazzle the palette. Have a good think about what food goes well together and what drinks make terrific companions. Have a signature dish that your guests will rave about. Have little leaf platters of candy and chocolate around the room.


Comfortable sofas with cushions on them. Beautiful, fine glasses to drink from. Attractive, finely crafted tablespoons. Paper towels in the bathroom that guests can dry their hands on.


Play music that you feel will appeal to most people, that helps create the atmosphere you want and is appropriate for the party. Have your music collection organized just in case friends request a certain song or kind of music and especially if someone is criticizing your music!  It will allow you to quickly switch to other music.

The Guests

Naturally, what makes a party great are the people that attend it. Ideally, a mix of friends you really like, those you are interested in getting to know better and some new people.

In the past, I often pushed myself to invite people I didn’t know or didn’t know that well. It might be a friend of a friend. Someone I happened to meet at a local coffee shop. A profile of someone on-line that caught my eye and I ended up saying hello to and inviting.

For board game parties I would leave an open invitation on a website I knew welcoming anyone who was interested to join my friends and I.

The advantages of inviting someone new are that it gives you something to look forward to, they may end up adding some zest and vitality to the party and you may end up with a really good friend.

Image Credit: By Flickr: dichohecho / Sarah / CC-BY-2.0

Image Credit: By Flickr: dichohecho / Sarah / CC-BY-2.0

Party Ideas

Below is a list of different kinds of parties. I will be working on this section of the site for the next several months so come back to see the additions I’ve made.

60’s parties
Beach Party
Birthday party
Board Games Party
Carnival Party
Christmas Party
Cocktail Party
Costume / Masquerade Party Ideas
Garden Party
Grand Casino
Halloween Party
Hawaiian Party (Luau)
Hollywood Theme Party
House Warming Party
Karaoke Parties
Movie Party
New Year’s Party
Pizza / Sports Watching Party
Pool party
Red Wine & Cheese Party
Southern comfort party with a bluegrass band.
Surprise Party
Toga Party

Keep in mind that parties are not limited to the living room. You can party on a boat as you cruise along a beautiful coastline. Party on the beach, by a pool, in a Karaoke room, or at a restaurant overlooking the city on New Year’s Eve.

Got any fun party ideas to contribute?
party ideas outdoor parties
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