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Lighted Christmas Tapestry Wall Hangings Thomas Kinkade

Chrismtas fiber optic tapestry
Image by The Thomas Kinkade Company / Painter Thomas Kincade  CC-BY-SA-3.0

Lighted Christmas Tapestry Wall Hangings are a Thing of Real Beauty

Lighted Christmas tapestry wall hangings that have fiber optics incorporated into them can’t fail but to impress guests, brighten up the winter and usher into your home the joy and spirit of Christmas. The particular tapestries I’m covering in this review are based on the beautiful paintings of painter Thomas Kinkade.

These beautiful’ tapestries are all around 36 inches by 26 inches in size and have lots of fiber optic lights. Some of them like “Christmas Chapel” sold by ‘Blankets’ come with a wooden rod, hanging hardware and a remote control making it a lot more convenient to put it on the wall and turn it on and off. Be sure to make note what extra’s the seller is providing.

On the back of the tapestry is a box tucked into a velcro pocket that holds 3 AA batteries and has an off and on switch. It needs three AA batteries to power the lights. Make sure you have spare batteries because leaving it on all night or forgetting to turn it off over night may end up completely draining the batteries.

The Artist Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kincade, the “Painter of Light” was an American painter of idyllic subjects. Tranquil scenes of cottages surrounded by beautiful gardens. Glorious landscapes with gold, purple and green trees and flowing streams. He even covered city scapes and managed to infuse into them the beautiful colors he was so obviously drawn to and illuminate them with light. His works were mass marketed as printed reproductions and other licensed products and it’s estimated that one in 20 homes in America have one. Even here in Taiwan I was easily able to purchase one which has been adorning my wall for almost a decade now.

Video Courtesy of the Bents Garden Home Youtube Channel

There are many other optic fiber tapestries on Amazon.

Search for Lighted Christmas Tapestry Wall Hangings at Amazon (United States)

Prices of the lighted Christmas tapestry wall hangings  below range from $US30 – $US77. Right click and open in new window to check them out. I am an affiliate with Amazon.

Gold Moroon Top Line

Gold Moroon Middle Line

Gold Moroon Middle Line

Gold Moroon Middle Line

Gold Moroon Bottom Line


  1. Mary says:

    I am looking for a peace that I like. And I have a picture of it but don’t know how to send it to you that you can see.Is anyway someone can contact me by e-m that I send you the wall hanging that I am looking for.
    Thank you so much.

  2. angela wassall says:

    Wanting to run my tapestry fibre optic of electric what do I need to buy

  3. Mrs yvonne walker says:

    I have four of your Christmas tapestrys
    Can you please tell or supply battery boxes
    They take 3aa batteries
    Your mrs y walker

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