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June, 2015

fashion Versace

Image by mac_prince / CC-BY-2.0

Fashion: The Curious Relationship between People and the Clothes They Wear

The relationship between people and the clothes they wear is a curious and interesting one. As an extreme example consider those who romantically see fashion and the clothes they wear as an escape into an intoxicating world of inspiration, creativity and imagination. Where the body becomes the canvas and luminaries such as Galliano, Oscar de la Renta or Dolce & Gabbana wrap them with their wonderful creations.

There are those who seek the added stature that wearing a famous label gives them. A kind of billboard in which they get to star alongside such noble brands as Christian Dior, Versace or Armani. Others may think of it as wearable art that is to be enjoyed and appreciate how it makes them feel.

Clothes are sometimes laced with intention. A way to convey something before first words are uttered. A woman wearing beautiful clothes in order to be more seductive and alluring in the eyes of the man she has strong feelings for. A power dresser who wishes to impress those attending a cocktail party.

They might be used to distinguish the wearer. To stand out in a crowd like a movie star wearing clothes that illuminate his or her presence. Alternatively, to make a statement of sophistication, wealth, status or power.

They can be used as an expression of identity. The artist wearing a smock and a beret. The Goth a black vintage tightly laced corset dress, European style lace up boots and a dragon’s breath fire opal ring.

Clothes can reveal something about us. A safari shirt suggesting an adventurous side or a colorful, riotous shirt from Versace to express our flamboyance. They can also be in harmony with the mood we’re in. An exotic Hawaiian shirt because we are on holidays and we feel easy going and relaxed. A red romantic evening dress in anticipation of romance.

Clothes allow you to show off your personality, attitude and sense of style to the world. For others it may be dressing like the people around them so they fit in and belong.

Over the coming months at Project Fellowship I’ll be making a journey into the world of fashion. Presenting an intoxicating mix of fabulous brands, fashion shows, fashion designers, beautiful models and eye catching clothes and accessories. Stay in tune.

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