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Fashion Accessories

By Andrew Burgon /
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August 30, 2015

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fashion accessories

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Fashion accessories are those things that can be added to something else to make it more attractive. They cover a plethora of categories. We all think of jewelry, gloves, handbags and hats. Belts, scarves, watches and sunglasses. There are some newcomers into these categories as well like fashionable USB flash drives, smart phone cases and wearable tech.

There’s no doubt about it. Fashion accessories that compliment what you are wearing is a real head turner. On a plane traveling to Australia I noticed a women from Hong Kong who was fashionably dressed. Everything that she wore and held complimented each other. I couldn’t help but admire her sense of fashion.

Well-chosen fashion accessories help you make the right impression whether it’s in the workplace or out on that first date. They convey your sense of style and suggest that you take care of yourself.

Let’s consider a few fashion accessory basics.

Fashion accessories can go along way to help you attain the look you’re after. Want to come across as the highly competent, polished executive type? Putting on a pair of sharp-looking glasses, a classy ring and holding a leather portfolio clutch for documents can help achieve that.

Accessories can give a sense of depth to the clothes you wear and do something with clothes that are less than inspiring. Black pants and a plain white blouse aren’t exactly eye-catching. Matching them with a distinctive blue bag, a luxurious black, gold and white silk scarf and  a pair of navy glitter-finished high heel shoes makes the whole outfit distinctive.

Be mindful of your shape and stature when shopping for accessories. Big statement jewelry is fine for tall women but may be a bit too much on a petite person. Shorter women should be going for more delicate pieces.  The same applies to the size of bag you carry.

Be cautious with flamboyant and glitzy footwear especially if they are for work. You don’t want people riveted to your feet as you pass by. You want to go for a holistic effect that shouts, “Hey, look at me.”

Bold handbags, cool-girl sunglasses, red-hot shoes, lacquered bangles and a major statement necklace are just some of the things that should be found in every women’s wardrobe and jewelry box.

In the coming months I will adding many of the products that catch my eye and beg to be noticed in the Fashion Accessories category.

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fashion BRD

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