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Temporary Tattoos : Dazzle Them with Fabulous Designs

By Andrew Burgon /
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August 30, 2015

Temporary Metallic Tattoos tribetats

Temporary Tattoos That Can’t Fail to Be Noticed

Temporary  tattoos certainly offer a lot of dazzle, flamboyance and elegance per dollar. Even more so if they are seldom worn by others in your social circle. I have seen a number of fascinating pictures of people wearing them on-line and decided to find out more about them. I also feature three highly regarded tattoo brands from Amazon.

Temporary tattoos are often worn as bracelets, armbands, necklaces and even rings. They’re sweat resistant and can last for up to six days. You can find them in many colors including rose gold, gold, silver, blue and black designs. The brands I’m familiar with all state that they are non-toxic.

You apply them by simply peeling off the clear plastic cover and placing them face-down on your skin. You then wet the backing paper and hold it firmly in place for about a minute. Then carefully peel off the backing paper. They come off fairly easily by rubbing them off with alcohol or even soap and water.

Some people like to add temporary tattoos to go with the jewelry they wear. For example, a gold bracelet style tattoo that accompanies two bracelets on their wrist.

The tattoos in the collection below have been a hit with reviewers on Amazon. It’s easy to see from their comments that temporary tattoos are not only a definite conversation starter but a super magnet for compliments. Check them out.

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Temporary Tattoos

temporary metallic tattoos tribetats description
temporary metallic tattoos tribetats

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Glinla Temporary Tattoos
Glinla temporary tattoos image

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metallic flash temporary tattoos
temporary metallic tattoos spaworks


What’s your experience with temporary tattoos?

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