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Mens Casual Long Sleeve Shirts: Stylish and Cool

By Andrew Burgon /
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April 8, 2015

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mens long sleeve shirts brown Nat Nast main

Mens Casual Long Sleeve Shirts

Mens casual long sleeve shirts that can’t help but give you an aura of coolness. The clothes in this collection come from Nat Nest, Guess, Hee Grand, Versazi and Bertigo.

Nat Nast’s eye-pleasing silk shirt heads this round up. It looks like it would be a pleasure to wear and super comfy.

Guess’ shirt also looks great with it’s gingham pattern and contrasting solid black collar, front placket and single-barrel cuffs.

I love the Hee Grand red shirt in this collection with the matching color cuffs, inside collar and pocket top. That’s classy not to mention distinguished. This kind of shirt, unfortunately, is reserved for the slender figure.

Verzari claim that their designer shirts are meticulously handcrafted as opposed to mass produced. Judging from the reviews they have hit the ball out of the park in regard to customer satisfaction. Versatile solid color shirts accented with striking designs on the collar and cuffs.

Last, but by no means least, is the blue Bertigo luxury shirt with it’s dark navy buttons and brown Houndstooth pattern. It’s part of the Fall 2014 Bertigo Masterpiece collection.

Clicking on any of the mens casual long sleeve shirts to the right will take you to Amazon (United States) where I’m an affiliate.

mens long sleeve shirts silk brown
mens long sleeve shirts brown Nat Nast

Mens Casual Long Sleeve Shirts Guess
Mens Casual Long Sleeve Shirts striped

Mens Casual Long Sleeve Shirts Hee Grand
Mens Casual Long Sleeve Shirts red

Mens Casual Long Sleeve Shirts Verzari
Mens Casual Long Sleeve Shirts brown

Mens Casual Long Sleeve Shirts blue Bertigo
Mens Casual Long Sleeve Shirts blue

Continue your search for casual long sleeve shirts for men on Amazon (United States)

If you bought one of these mens casual long sleeve shirts please come back when you get it and leave a short review. Thanks.

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  1. JuneHaywood says:

    I liked all of them, all the styles are really nice.

    Actually I was looking for a few casual long sleeve t-shirts for my future would be.

    I found your post and I am really glad about that.

    Thank you for sharing the latest update with us.

    if you have some more options to hare, please do share with us.

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