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Mens Trench Coats: Suave & Dashing

By Andrew Burgon /
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May 11, 2015

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Mens Trench Coats Can Have a Dramatic Impact on Appearance

Mens trench coats have a way of lending their own aire and character to your appearance. It can be quite dramatic. Look no further than the trench coats famous movie stars don in movies as positive proof. Keanu Reeves in a long, black split front trench coat. Chris Pratt sporting a gorgeous long maroon trench coat with a large epaulette and molded components. Humphrey Bogart decked out in a classic trench coat that many people will forever associate with detectives. Ultra-cool, ruggedly handsome and manly are just a few of the vibes a trench coat can give off.

I’ve included a wide variety of trench coats in this collection. From svelte and flashy to ruggedly handsome and dashing.

Clicking on any of the mens trench coat links below will take you to Amazon (United States) where I’m an affiliate.

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Mens Trench Coats

mens trench coats H2H notch collar side pockets
mens trench coats

mens trench coats Aliegra K polyester
trench coat mens Aliegra K single breasted side pockets

mens trench coats blade synthetic leather red lining
trench coat mens blade leather long

mens trench coats classic leather
trench coats for men BGSD classic leather long trench coat

trench coats for men cowhide leather WD
WD mens trench coat distressed real leather

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Here are six more mens trench coats to take a look at.

If you end up buying one of these mens trench coats please come back and leave a brief review when it arrives. Thanks.

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