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Metallic Gold Skirt | Dazzle With Bling!

By Andrew Burgon /
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March 24, 2015

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Metallic Gold Skirt | Stand Out from the Crowd

A metallic gold skirt will help banish the doldrums, lift your spirit and maybe even your love life! You’ll stand out from the crowd and no doubt receive many compliments as well. Check out the two great skirts below which are priced around $US20 each.

Clicking on the ‘shop now’ button will take you to the product’s page on Amazon (United States) where I’m an affiliate.

Gold Moroon Top Line

Metallic Gold Skirt

metallic gold skirt flareStylish Flare Metallic Above The Knee Full Circle Skirt

This stunning skirt will show the world that you’re one stylish chick! Skirt offers a high waist flare with a metallic textured faux leather fabric. It’s made with a soft poly blend offering a lot of stretch to keep you comfortable all day and night. Because of the way the skirt is pleated it causes the skirt to float up when you twirl.

It comes in gold, gold elegance and black.

Gold Moroon Middle Line

metallic gold skirt flare 3VenusDesigns Women Hi Lo Flare Skater Faux Leather Skirt

A super-heroine-like high low skirt that is super sexy and stretchable. Material is very shiny.

The skirt comes in metallic gold, metallic silver, black matte and burgundy.


If you ended up buying a metallic gold skirt please let us know what you thought of it when it arrived. Thanks.

Gold Moroon Middle Line
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fashion BRD

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