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Sexy High Low Dresses With Showstopping Force

Sexy High Low Dresses Maxi Dress Image

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Sexy High Low Dresses: Dressy Yet Casual

Sexy high low dresses really know how to make an entrance into a room. Their popularity no doubt in part to the vibe they gives off. Flirty, dressy and a sense of casualness and playfulness all rolled up into one dress.

This style of dress harkens back to the Victorian era. The full circle hem with a shorter front and longer back was called “fishtail” back then due to the asymmetrical appearance.

In the 1980s it made a return to the fashion world but was considered unfashionable and thanks to Britain’s Mirror newspaper added a derisive term to it’s list of names. It was called the “mullet skirt.”

The recent high-low skirt hem trend started in Europe and America in late 2011.  Thanks to it’s reincarnated name, supportive designers and celebrities who have embraced it’s style it has definitely made a comeback.

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Gold Moroon Top Line

Sexy High Low Dresses

Sexy High Low Dresses maxi dress

Gold Moroon Middle Line

Sexy High Low Dresses lace chiffon

Gold Moroon Middle Line

Sexy High Low Dresses by 2LUV

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