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By Andrew Burgon /
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February 23, 2013

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Project Fellowship Food Drinks
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Food, food, glorious food! Food & Drinks tantalize our senses and can transport us to nirvana. 

Food & drinks often plays a part in the friendships we have. Eating out at restaurants together, hosting wine and cheese parties or just snacking from vendor to vendor along the river front are all pleasurable pastimes.

Drinks play a big part in socializing as well and can heighten the enjoyment of eating considerably. Red wine with cheese. White wine with fish. Beer with Indian food.

In this category I’m going on an odyssey through the promised land of divine food and delectable drinks. Here are some of the things I’ll be initially covering.

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Party Food ideas for Adults

Food is one of the key elements of a successful party. Little bite size mouthfuls of goodness that you put together yourself will earn you admiration and praise. Pizzas, Nachos, potato chips and dip, sausage rolls and desserts.

Project Fellowship Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Dining

If the conditions are right dining outdoors is a very pleasurable way to spend the afternoon or evening. I’m thinking garden cocktails parties, barbecues by the beach, picnics and pool parties.

Project Fellowship Food Presentation



Check out this aesthetically-pleasing selection of serveware that will help take your partying up to the next level.



Project Fellowship Christmas Setting

Table Settings

There are so many wonderful ways to set a table that will dazzle and delight your guests.



Project Fellowship Fruit Art

Fruit & Vegetable Art

There is no end to the stunning displays of fruit and vegetable art that you can come up with. A watermelon dragons, a pineapple and banana owl or an orange snail. The only limit is your imagination.

Project Fellowship Tea Drinking_s


Tea Drinking

We’ll be taking a look at English and Chinese tea drinking and how to take it to new heights.

Project Fellowship Cocktails



Cocktails are taste bud dazzlers! The Blue Hawaii, Pina Colada and Martini are just a few of the drinks that will be making an entrance.


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