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Beautiful Thai Style Tea Room Ideas

By Andrew Burgon /
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March 17, 2014

Here are Some Thai Style Tea Room Ideas That Will Have You Stepping into Exotic Thailand

There is no doubt that our surroundings and the atmosphere it creates can enhance our enjoyment of food and drinks. It can also make the time spent with friends even more special and memorable. The following Thai style tea room ideas and Thai products are meant to help create an exotic and rich atmosphere for tea drinking.

I imagine a low table with gold and purple cushions around it that have a pattern of royal Thai elephants on them . A large folding Buddha canvas screen acts as a stunning backdrop. Alternatively, an elegant wood carved Thai art plaque on the wall. A gorgeous peacock cabinet for storing tea, candles and other things just behind where the host sits to his left. Other decorations around the tea room may include a brass Feng Shui gong, a silver Buddha head statue sculpture, a mango wood vase and a large painted Thai silk and bamboo wall fan depicting a rural village. A floor wood lamp with a golden floral scene to the left of the screen and an aquarium with an Angkor Wat ornament finish off a room that will no doubt raise the eyebrows of all those who see it.

On the low set table there’s a maroon and gold silk table cloth with Thai elephants on it as well as three beautifully carved Thai candlestick holders. An eye-catching Benjarong ceramic tea pot complete with cups on a large decorative plate take pride of place on the table. Keep the tea in an elegant golden wood box.

I have included these products and others below to help you piece together an awesome thai style tea room yourself. Clicking on any of the links will take you to Amazon where I am an affiliate.

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