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Gibson Dinnerware Sets : Style With Function

By Andrew Burgon /
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August 19, 2015

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Gibson Dinnerware

Gibson Dinnerware Sets Will Update Your Dinner Table’s Look With Their Distinctive Presence

Gibson dinnerware sets add a distinctive touch to the dining experience. Gibson have a fantastic line of dinnerware sets making it difficult to choose from. These are 16-piece dinnerware sets that contain 4 dinner plates, 4 dessert plates, 4 soup / salad bowls and 4 mugs.

Obviously,  they’ve got you covered for whatever mood you’re in. For example, Home Fandango looks very festive and bold with it’s base color of yellow and it’s multi-colored outer rings. This is in contrast with their dark red and black dinnerware which looks more subdued and serious.

You’ll notice they talk about some of their dinnerware as having a ‘reactive glaze.’ It’s a technique use in the making of ceramics and stoneware to give it a variegated or mottled look as opposed to a homogeneous solid color. Special agents are used in the process like crystal growth, metal oxides and speckling agents.

Gibson plates are dishwasher and microwave safe.


Many of the Gibson products on Amazon currently lack measurements. The Gibson Elite Urban Luxe (the beautiful light blue one below) has the following dimensions.

12.75″ Dinner Plate
9.75″ Dessert Plate
7.5″ Bowl
12oz Mug

* Gibson is a third generation family owned and operated company. It was establish in the United States in 1979. They divide their dinnerware into Gibson Elite and Gibson Home. The former is a refined version of everyday dinnerware while the latter is a stylized reimagining of normal dinnerware that offers greater value.

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Gibson Dinnerware Sets

(All priced at under $US100)

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If you bought one of these Gibson dinnerware sets please come back when it arrives and leave a brief review. Thanks!


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