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Turkey Platters That Will Do that Special Meal Justice

By Andrew Burgon /
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December 8, 2014

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Surrounding a turkey with red grapes like this really gives the meal a sumptuous look. Not only that but it compliments the red wine being served.  Eating the red grapes will help make the wine sing. I prefer surrounding the turkey or a large chicken with baked potatoes and pumpkin, red peppers (capsicum), baby corn and onions. How about you?


Large Turkey Platters to Put That Wonderful Turkey and All the Accompanying Goodies on Display

Turkey platters make a welcome and in many cases necessary addition to any serveware collection. Amazon (United States)  has a great range of turkey platters from simple and pristine to those that are truly colorful works of art. While I have dubbed them all turkey platters for convenience sake some of them are also good for a delicious leg of ham at Christmas, succulent prime ribs on New Year’s Eve or a Fisherman’s seafood platter in the summer time.

Turkey Platters: Works of Art

The Spode Christmas Tree embossed platter below is a good example of the decorative kind. It’s made of fine embossed Earthenware. The decoration includes a 22 karat gold border and touches of gold meticulously sprinkled throughout the iconic Christmas tree design. It would look great on the table or on display.

You’ll see other Turkey platters with classical scenes of roman ruins, pastoral landscapes and Chinese inspired floral borders. Some of them have hand-painted lithographs or elements that help give them their own particular charm and allure.

Metal Turkey Platters

I have included metal turkey platters / trays in this collection. The ones from Wilton Armetale are constructed of 100% food-safe aluminum based alloy. They will not rust, crack, chip, dent or tarnish. One of the good things about metal platters is that they retain the heat for longer making sure that the last morsel of Turkey stays warm for as long as possible. They can also be pre-chilled to use for condiments, cheeses, crudités, dips, and more

Turkey Platters: What Size Do You Need?

Keep in mind what size of turkey you plan on cooking. A large 22-25 pound Turkey surrounded by baked potatoes and pumpkin should fit easily on a 24″ turkey platter. However, you could easily get by with a 17.5 inch platter that should be able to hold enough turkey to easily feed 8 people. All the platters in this collection range from 15″ to 24″ long.

While most of the turkey platters below can be had for well under $US100 I have included a few more expensive ones like the Arthur Court large Turkey tray which goes for $US350.

Clicking on any of the turkey platters below will take you to Amazon (United States) where I’m an affiliate.


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Rectangular Platters

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Round Platters

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Metal Platters

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You can continue your search for platters by clicking on the link below.

Search for Turkey Platters on Amazon (United States)
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