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Party Food Ideas For Adults

By Andrew Burgon /
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February 25, 2013

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Party Food Ideas for Adults That Will Dazzle the Senses

In this section, “Party Food Ideas for Adults,” I’ll be covering some tantalizing and delicious food for your next party. They say variety is the spice of life and party food proves it every time!

Having a range of different kinds of food at your party is a surefire way to please the crowd and have them raving about your party. Before I introduce some great party foods allow me to touch on a few things.

The Kind of Party You Have May Determine the Kind of Food You Prepare

Naturally, the kind of party you have may determine what kind of food you serve. A tea party will include food like scones, egg salad sandwiches and assorted fruit. For a wine and cheese party you may want to include celery sticks, broccoli heads, strawberries and grapes to accompany the cheese. For long board game parties you want to go for food that’s not going to make your guests fingers so greasy that they have to make multiple trips to the bathroom to wash their hands while playing a 5 hour board game. So you might have an emphasis on food on toothpicks and skewers and food that can be eaten in a bowl with a spoon. I always had a large pot of beef and potato stew on the stove so players could help themselves at any time. This was one of my signature dishes that guests could always count on.

Consider Preparing Some Special Party Food for the Children

Will there be children at the party? Set up a table just for them complete with a  table cloth with cute patterns on it. Make their dining experience fun, too. Popcorn lions, cupcakes disguised as sheep and a colorful assortment of fruit .

Vegetarian Friends

Always keep in mind your vegetarian friends. I always have a backup dish just in case a friend invited over a vegetarian friend. Stir fried baby corn, red peppers, carrots, mushrooms, asparagus and brocolli with yellow curry paste and coconut milk. An absolute pleaser!

Finish on a High Note

Finish off on a high note. At my parties I often serve apple crumble and ice cream and sometimes hot vanilla custard, too. Guests become awfully quiet when eating as though they were enraptured by it. Alternatively, finish off with a festive non-alcoholic cocktail like a Pomegranate Mojito Mocktail.

Gold Moroon Bottom Line

Party Food Ideas for Adults

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Gold Moroon Bottom Line

party food ideas for adults
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party food ideas for adults tomato salad
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party ideas for adults desserts
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party ideas for adults gorp trail mix
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