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Gordon Ramsay’s Chocolate Sponge with Ginger

By Andrew Burgon /
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Gordon Ramsay’s Chocolate Sponge With Ginger is a Knockout!

Gordon Ramsay’s chocolate sponge with ginger is hands down a winner. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, makes a chocolate sponge with ginger as well as Mr. Ramsay! Case closed!! Check out his chocolate spong recipe video then have a look at the ingredients and recipe below.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Chocolate Sponge With Ginger

Chocolate Sponge Ingredients:

Gordon Ramsay:  Chocolate Sponge Cake with Fresh Ginger.

Gordon Ramsay: Chocolate Sponge Cake with Fresh Ginger.

175 grams + 50 grams of butter

175 grams of flour

175 grams of sugar

300 ml of cream

a piece of ginger

3 eggs

two tablespoons of golden syrup

Teaspoon of vanilla extract

Teaspoon of baking powder.

chocolate (looks to be about two bars worth)

a little bit of milk may be required

Here are Gordon Ramsay’s Instructions

1. Put the butter and sugar into the bowl and cream them using an electric mixer. Start on low speed and only speed up when the cream and butter really start to cream together. Then add one egg at a time while mixing. When the cream is a nice aerated texture stop.

2. Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract and a teaspoon of baking powder to it. Now add 175 grams of flour through a sieve. Mix it together till it’s a loose dough. If it becomes too firm add a little splash or two of milk. You know when you’ve got it right as it will slowly drop off the spoon when held above the container.

3. Take a non-stick, loose bottom cake tin, greese it with butter then coat it with flour on the bottom and sides to stop the sponge from sticking. Then put the dough into it. Flatten it out with the back of your spactular and tap the tin a few times to get rid of any air pockets by lightly dropping from a height of 2 or 3 cm.

4. Bake for 30 – 35 minutes in the oven at 180 degrees.

5. Now pour 300 ml of cream into a container and whisk it by hand till you have a nice light cream. Grate a piece of ginger then mix it into the cream. Put it in the fridge while your waiting for the cake to bake.

6. Take the cake out of the oven and run a knife around the outside of the sponge cake then push it out of the metal container from the bottom.

7. While you are waiting for the cake to cool it’s time to do the sweet chocolate coating.  Pour 300 ml of double cream into a saucepan and add two tablespoons of golden syrup then whisk. Chop the chocolate up really thinly so it melts quickly and add 50 grams of butter. Boil the cream and pour it onto the chocolate and butter. Give it a really good stir.

8. Cut the cake in half and put two dollops of ginger cream on it. Put the top of the cake on it then pour the luxurious chocolate topping over it so it’s thoroughly covered. Use the bottom of the ladle to spread it.


Image by Allan warren (Own work) / CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Thanks Gordon Ramsay for sharing your chocolate sponge with ginger recipe via Youtube. For those who would like to check out his Youtube channel click here.

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  1. aaaaaa says:

    good job on making a copy of a recipe. also good job on horrible english and not knowing how to even spell “spatula.”

  2. Marcus says:

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  3. Grizike says:

    Your recipe is wrong!!!!!I saw the video he uses more than 300ml cream!I hope it won’t be a problem to use milk with the chocolate .

  4. Rixt en Tobias says:

    We failed..
    Are we idiot sandwiches?

  5. D. Anderson says:

    I just made mine, a couple of points before you try it yourself:

    You need 600ml of cream not 300ml. 1 regular 1 double cream (Double is used in UK, not in all countries)

    If you don’t have access to double cream, just buy regular whipped cream from the store!!! Normal cream isn’t strong enough to hold up the cake top.

    Whipping the cream by hand took me far too long, I used the electric mixer for a bit and finished it off by hand. Be very careful though! You don’t want it to grain…

    Also if you don’t like ginger you can just as easily replace it with lemon, lime or orange.

    Don’t forget the to pre heat oven while making the cake, it will save you time. Don’t put the cake in the oven if it isn’t at 180 degrees yet, because the cake will dry out.

    The show says 30 – 35 min in the oven however my cake wasn’t done until 45m.
    (Check to see if it’s done if there’s still some liquid in the centre of the cake using a long thin sharp object.)

    I used 3 small bars of chocolate. (~100 gram each) 250 grams should be more than enough though. And I used regular syrup, couldn’t find any golden, tasted just fine.

    I also noticed the cake wasn’t very big, so maybe use 200 grams of sugar, flower and butter instead of 175 grams.

    I would also like to add that he says “cream the butter and the sugar” not “cream, butter and the sugar.” Don’t add any cream to the cake base. It got me confused for a moment.

    Anyway great tasting cake, would make again 8/10.

  6. James Schmidt says:

    What exactly is golden syrup

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