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April 22, 2013


Friendship topics and articles
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Friendship is the bedrock of Project Fellowship. You’ll find a number of related subjects here.

Good Friends, Close Friends covers general friendship topics. It starts off as a tribute to good friends and opens up into a series of friendship-related articles.

Treasure Hunter is all about the pursuit of good friends and developing friendships in general. If you are struggling to draw to yourself the kind of friends you desire you are bound to find some answers here.

Friendship Experts is advise from other people on friendship matters and includes notable people like Dr. Irene S. Levine, Dr.Felicia Ferrara, Dr. Andrea Bonior, Shasta Nelson and Melanie Mills.

Friendship Quotes currently contains 35 quotes.

How to Deal With Friendship Disappointments discusses the not so pleasant side of friendship. There are ways to deal with these situations. You can reduce their occurrences,  prevent some of them from happening and even use them to empower you.

In Depression & Loneliness, I talk about my own experience of severe depression and how I managed to be free of it.

In Ruby Tablets , I share some of the core tenants of Project Fellowship. I will be adding to this section for a while to come.

For 30 Inspiring Stories of Friendship Success , I encourage people to share how they successfully drew to themselves a good group of friends. There is very little here now but I hope to add to it in the near future.

In the Stories of Special Friendships section, I provide links to notable friendships I’ve come across while surfing the internet.

In the Glossary of an Epic Friendship Journey section, I cover the lingo of Project Fellowship. Some will find it amusing, others fascinating and yet others will find it educational.

In the Friendship Hall of Fame , I introduce some of the most notable  friendships out there. If you know of any more please let me know.

In Cool Things to Share , I have listed some videos you might like to share with your friends. I’ve also thrown in some old images with quotes or words of wisdom that I created a while back and some screensavers.

In The Power of Communication I cover topics related to communicating to others.

There are a few reasons why someone might leave a message at  The Shrine of Gratefulness. As a spiritual act of remembrance and gratitude for a friend in their life.  To share with other Project Fellowshippers a notable friendship. To write a message to a friend and then let them know where to find it.

If I find any funny videos that relate to friendship I will put them in the Friendship (Funny Videos) category.

In the Friendship Articles by Other Writers category I include links to articles that have caught my attention on the internet.

You will find other caches of friendship related articles around the site.

If you have any friendship topics or questions you’d like me to tackle I’d be happy to do so.

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