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30 Inspiring Stories of Friendship Success

By Andrew Burgon /
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June 11, 2014


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Do you have any inspiring stories you can share with us about friendship?

It would be great if some people could contribute their personal stories about how they drew to themselves the group of friends they desired. I’m not interested in having a site that solely conveys my opinion about how to go about drawing into your life the kind of friends you desire. My goal is to have the distilled wisdom of the world on this subject on my site.

Here are some things you might like to touch on.

* Did you make a special effort and if so why?
* Were you inspired?
* Was there anything you had to overcome?
* How did you go about it?
* Did you have a set strategy?
* If you effortlessly seem to be able to draw quality friendships to your life why do you think that is?
* What do you do with your circle of friends?
* Any advice to give in the search for friends?

If you would like me to include a self-introduction of yours, a photo and link to your website or Youtube channel I would be glad to do so.

Send the video’s link and anything else you’d like to send me to or simply include it in the comment section below and I will then incorporate it into this section. Thanks.

* The introduction to each video will be linked to that person’s website or Youtube channel if they have one. Click on it to take you to their site.




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