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The Power of Communication

By Andrew Burgon /
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October 26, 2013


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Utilizing the Power of Communication Can Get You Ahead Socially

Consider for a moment the amazing power of communication. How that it can encourage, support, guide, nurture and bring hope. It can convey thoughtfulness, sincerity and concern. It can counsel, educate, inspire and empower.

By infusing our words with love, enthusiasm, warmth and interest we can touch the hearts of the people around us and forge new friendships. It thus plays an essential part in the bonding and rapport process. It can be filled with wisdom and insight and be the bearer of revelational knowledge.

It can be interesting, humorous, filled with praise, reassuring and informative. It can make us laugh till we have tears in our eyes. We can caution or warn others from doing something that would be detrimental to their well-being. With it we can esteem our friends letting them know that they have a place in our hearts. It can uplift the soul to the heavens or cast it down to hell.

It can forgive, reconcile, reunite and even heal people of emotional hurt. It can clear up misunderstandings and help make things right again after a rift. It can bring cheer to those who need it like the sun appearing from behind grey clouds. It can even raise us up from the ashes of despair like a reborn phoenix.

We can use it to influence those around us. To block negativity and gently correct others. It can be used to rally people together, strengthen people’s resolve, create huge sums of money and resolve problems. It can open doors for us that would never have been opened otherwise.

It is the most powerful social skill yet how many of us have truly made an effort to develop it in relation to friendships? In communication, there are a number of specific areas I will be covering like becoming a stimulating conversationalist. Adding warmth and enthusiasm to your speech. Sending the right signals to people. Making declarations of friendship. Sounding out people and searching for common ground. Being a social facilitator. Communication fubars and more.

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