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How to Deal With Friendship Disappointments

By Andrew Burgon /
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October 26, 2014

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With Some Foresight and Wisdom Friendship Disappointments can Be Decreased, Resolved and Even Avoided

The friendship path certainly has it’s share of disappointments. There are a vast array of incidents that can upset us. Friends we care about becoming distant and cold. Those we’ve loaned money to and gotten our fingers burnt. The endeavors we embarked on that were paid scant attention to by our friends. Like barnacles on the mind a series of disappointments can cling to you, weigh you down and drain some of your energy away. The big question is how do we not only handle friendship disappointment but have less of it in our lives? This is not a subject that can be handled in one post. It requires it’s own personal suite of answers. I’ll be covering it from a number of angles over the next several weeks.

Have You Set Yourself Up for Friendship Disappointment?

One of the most frustrating and bitterly disappointing friendship problems of all is experiencing years of unsatisfying and underwhelming friendships. It’s marked by a lingering loneliness, a sense of hopelessness and light depression. You may have felt as though you don’t fit in. That people aren’t really interested or value your friendship. Good friends are illusive. It’s like you’re lost in a friendship labyrinth and there seems to be no way out…or is there?

Friendship Disappointment: Expectations and Behavior

By adjusting our own expectations and behavior towards certain friends we can reduce the amount of times we feel disappointed or maybe even completely eradicate it.

Attitude Can Soften the Blow of Friendship Disappointments

Adopting the right attitudes can help smooth over the friendship path of life. Here I share some of mine.

Disappointment Can Empower You

Get disappointment to serve you. It can give you clarity, prompt you to act and spur you on to greater success in your life including your friendships.

Learning From Disappointment Quotes

Here I include many quotes on disappointment. See what you can deduce from them about how to deal with disappointment.

A Fervent Heart Can Amplify Friendship Disappointments

Having a fervent heart when it comes to friendships can result in more friendship disappointments. It’s important to know yourself and how you may be different from those you befriend.  Doing so has many benefits.

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