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Using Mental Imagery to Nudge You Forward and Armor Your Mentality

By Andrew Burgon /
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August 1, 2014


Life can get us down at times causing us to feel anxious, fearful or depressed.

Many situations from a long and grueling job hunt to looking after an old and frail parent can be troubling. Wouldn’t it be good if we could find a way to help spur ourselves on, maintain positive emotions and armor our mentality? Conjuring up inspiring video-like imagery in our minds can not only help uplift us but give us the where-with-all to keep going.

Mental Imagery

Setting Sail

Back when Project Fellowship first started I had a troubled mind. I had crawled out of a deep hole of depression and loneliness and was beginning anew my search for good friends.  Though I initially befriended many of the people I knew at the time I instinctively had a sense that I would have to move on to new friendships and new social events. That I was going to SET SAIL in the hope of finding better friendships.

My mind picked up on “SET SAIL” and conjured up video-like imagery for me. I found myself on a small and beautiful white yacht. I was in some kind of tropical paradise where there were a chain of islands. The water was crystal clear and inviting. I felt the wind and sea spray on my face. I was excited about the possibilities that could come my way by venturing out. Now-and-then in the following months I would find myself on board that yacht.

I didn’t fully realize how beneficial this imagery was till now. You see, I had for many years lived within narrow social boundaries. I tended to befriended people like co-workers and those friendships never seemed to get far. I also had a bad habit of loitering in friendship situations that were depressing me. This inertia had plagued me on many occasions throughout my life. This setting sail imagery was one of the things that spurred me on to reach out beyond the normal social boundaries of my life and befriend others.

The Amazing Leopard Tank

I stumbled across the fact long ago that inspiration can have a powerful effect over my life. Project Fellowship was kick started by it. I also know the benefits of mental imagery so I combined the two together.

Behold the unstoppable leopard tank. It’s able to traverse many kinds of terrain and it can even go underwater. Check out the video below and you’ll see just how impressive it is. Luckily for me I also find it inspirational no doubt due to it’s strength, power and it’s ability to get through just about anything.

Now and then when I’m feeling anxious and doubtful I run through the following mental exercise. I may start it off by watching a video of leopard tanks that I have on my smart phone. Then I watch a leopard tank in my mind’s eye traversing different kinds of terrain. While I’m very close to it this leopard tank is actually me. I hear the sound of it’s movement. I imagine the soil flying off it’s tracts and the splash of water as it makes it’s way across swampy ground.

On my desk is a small model of a leopard tank that I will place my finger on now-and-then. It taps into the benefit of these mental exercises I’ve done and I have noticed it does make me more positive, more centered and more confident.

So consider trying the same or a similar exercise yourself when you’re feeling down. If you’re short on inspiration go out in search for it. It could be a place, a character, a person, music or art. If you find something that works please share it with us.

If you have any ideas, wisdom or questions on this subject I’d love to hear them. What do you think?

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