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Your Child’s Social Life and Friendships at School

By Andrew Burgon /
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September 24, 2014


A Child’s Social Life and Friendships at School Provide Him or Her With Many Valuable Lessons

Our child’s social development and his or her ability in handling schoolyard conflict is of concern to all caring parents. While it’s tempting to roll up your sleeves and have a show down with the kid whose bothering our child it may not be in your child’s best interest. In this video experts talk about a number of issues like what to do if your child comes home and tells you about an intense argument, that he is being bullied or that she is living a solitary life during lunch hours.

In essence parents are encouraged to be a good listener, show an interest in the matter and talk their child through it. This may entail sharing your wisdom, knowledge and ideas on the matter. They are discouraged, however, of visiting the school and dealing directly with the troubling student in question. Rather they should let their child’s teacher or the school know about any noteworthy incidents.

Concerning children who are having trouble fitting in at school encourage them to think about how they could fit in better, suggest some ideas and then monitor the situation. If the child is still feeling miserable despite your efforts and guidance then let the school know, get some help and some social skills training may be in order too.

Tips for Dealing With Cyberbullying

Greg Gebhart from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)  talks about what cyberbullying is and how you can protect your child.  Whereas regular bullying is face-to-face and occurs when a child is together with someone cyberbullying can be a lot more versatile and public. It could be occurring on your child’s cell phone, on a gaming device or in a messaging service like facebook. It might be posted on a wall online or a video may be posted on Youtube that is meant to harass and annoy.

Mr. Gabhart suggests many excellent ways of dealing with the situation.  These include knowing the sites they visit, know their online friends, set rules and keep the bedroom technology free.

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