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Dr. Andrea Bonior – How to Handle Friendship Breakups

By Andrew Burgon /
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September 22, 2014

Video Courtesy of Dr. Andrea Bonior’s Youtube Channel, On Our Minds.

Dr. Andrea Bonior Shares Some Great Ideas on How to Handle Friendship Breakups

Friendship breakups can be a troubling matter that can bother us for weeks or months afterwards. Sometimes it’s a personality conflict. A friend with an uptight nature just can’t hack it any longer with his rash and careless friend. Someone has decided to break up with you because it has become increasingly obvious that the two of you are chalk-and-cheese. Other friends venture into hard to forgive terrain like handling a loan from a friend poorly or ‘stealing’ your best friend’s girlfriend. How can we best get through a friendship breakup especially one that continually troubles us?

In the video above Dr Andrea Bonior offers some helpful advice on the matter. These include the necessity of allowing ourselves to grieve for a lost friendship. That it’s a natural and meaningful process when the emotional ties are broken with someone. That we shouldn’t allow the final chapter to spoil the wonderful chapters that preceded it. If we find ourselves breaking up with a friend we should handle it in a civil and fair way. Don’t set off that keg of gunpowder at the end and make things far worse than they need to be.
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