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Dr. F. Felicia Ferrara Covers a Range of Friendship Topics

By Andrew Burgon /
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September 22, 2014


From How to Make Friends to Ending Friendships Dr. F. Felicia Ferrara Has You Covered

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How to Make Friends

You’ve got to make a conscious effort to reach out to others. Ways to do this include joining social groups or activities and mingling with people who share mutual interests.

How to be a Good Friend

The hallmarks of being a good friend. From listening and being empathetic to being loyal and there for your friends when they need it.

How to Assess a Good Friendship

Assessing friendships is one of the keys to living on a higher strata of satisfying and rewarding friendships. Do you feel better with that person? Do they lift your spirits and encourage you to be you?

How to Choose a True Friend

Watch and observe. How do the people you’re interested in befriending treat their friends and those around them? Are they loyal? Do they have integrity? Do they make you feel good about yourself?

How to Keep Friends

Keeping friends requires you to be a good friend. Taking the initiative with them, offering a sense of interest to the relationship and being sensitive to their feelings.

How to Stop an Argument

Drop your voice, don’t respond defensively and step back a couple of feet are just a few ways of stopping an argument.

How to Repair a Broken Friendship

Friendships can unfortunately derail. How can we get a friendship back on the tracks again? Mentioned are several ideas including making a phone call to resolve the situation, sending a gift or writing something heartfelt that will get your friend to reconsider the friendship.

How to Say You’re Sorry

Consider what it was that caused a rift between you and your friend and what you need to say or do to rectify the situation. State the reason why you’re sorry and do so in a sincere manner.

How to End a Friendship Tactfully

Some of the most tactful ways of ending a friendship include becoming unresponsive, saying you’re no longer interested in a particular activity and saying you’re too busy to meet up.

How to End a Toxic Relationship

Toxic friends may cause us to feel bad all the time, act out of character or feel ridiculed or put down in the presence of others.The answer according to Dr. Felica is to take a stand and stop responding to the other person.

How to Cope with the Ending of a Friendship

One way to come to grips with the ending of a friendship is to seek closure. If it’s not so clear why the rift happened a heartfelt discussion with your friend may help shed some light on the problem.

My thanks to ExpertVillage for making the videos available via Youtube. Also thanks to Dr. F. Felicia Ferrara for sharing her wisdom and understanding of friendship matters.

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